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Women Have Suffered More Under Obama Policies

by Stephen Moore.   Now that Hillary Clinton has, by default, sewn up the Democratic nomination, expect Democrats to play the gender card for all its worth. In August, Clinton lashed out at the GOP field: "extreme views on women, we expect from some of the terrorist groups ... but it's a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the      ... MORE

How Student Loans Create Demand For Useless Degrees

by Josh Grossman.   Last week, former Secretary of Education and US Senator Lamar Alexander wrote in the Wall Street Journal that a college degree is both affordable and an excellent investment. He repeated the usual talking point about how a college degree increases lifetime earnings by a million dollars, “on average.” That part about averages is    ... MORE

John Stossel: Battle Of The Sexes

Different choices make for different rewards.      Women make only 77 cents per each dollar made by males. Outrageous! Sex discrimination! So say advocates of government-enforced "equality." But they are wrong. Women today are rarely victims of salary discrimination. If they were, market competition would punish bosses who     ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Math Mattters

Hard work and discipline pay dividends.   If one manages to graduate from high school without the rudiments of algebra, geometry and trigonometry, there are certain relatively high-paying careers probably off-limits for life -- such as careers in architecture, chemistry, medicine computer programming, engineering and certain technical fields.    ... MORE