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Kyle Peterson: The Great American Disconnect

Blue state, red state, now libertarian state? Fifteen years ago a Yale grad student named Jason Sorens began pondering what might seem like a wild question: How many libertarians would it take to commandeer a state government? At the time Mr. Sorens, then a 24-year-old campus libertarian, felt failed by electoral politics. The Libertarian Party  ... MORE

Why Libertarians (Still) Plot To Take Over New Hampshire

by Madison Pauly.     On February 18, hundreds of libertarians will flock to the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire, for the ninth annual Liberty Forum, a four-day conference featuring presentations on topics such as religious freedom, school choice, and "Anarchy: Dressing for Success." A big draw will be Edward Snowden's keynote speech,  ... MORE

New Hampshire: A Hotbed for Liberty

by Shem Kellogg.       The United States was once a constitutional republic, and today New Hampshire is on the forefront in the battle to return the U.S. to its original principles of state sovereignty, limited federal government and individual liberty. The year Thomas Jefferson was elected President, eleven out of sixteen states didn’t have     ... MORE

The Free State Project: A Libertarian Testing Ground

by Kashmir Hill.       Long before billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel dreamed up the idea of a floating libertarian island nation, a 24-year-old Yale grad student named Jason Sorens proposed a far more down-to-earth experiment for those who wanted to live the limited government lifestyle: that a critical mass of “freedom-loving people…    ... MORE

Garrett Quinn: The Free State Project Grows Up

Libertarians are changing the face of New Hampshire.   In 2001 a Yale doctoral student named Jason Sorens published an essay in the small webzine The Libertarian Enterprise, lamenting the failure of libertarian efforts at the ballot box. “Nothing’s working,” he wrote, because libertarians are scattered. The only way to have a real  ... MORE