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Holding Data Hostage: The Perfect Internet Crime?

by Tom Simonite. Every so often someone invents a new way of making money on the Internet that earns wild profits, attracts countless imitators, and reshapes what it means to be online. Unfortunately, such a shift took place last year in the world of online crime, with the establishment of sophisticated malicious software known as ransomware as a    ... MORE

America’s Dirty Little Secret: Sex Trafficking Is Big Business

by John W. Whitehead.       Eighteen-year-old Hannah Graham is not the first girl to vanish in America without a trace—my hometown of Charlottesville, Va., has had five women go missing over the span of five years—and it is doubtful she will be the last. I say doubtful because America is in the grip of a highly profitable, highly organized      ... MORE

Can President Obama Faithfully Enforce the Laws?

by Andrew Napolitano.     On the same weekend that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs resigned amidst the scandal of veterans dying before the government's doctors could treat them in government hospitals, on the heels of another revelation of NSA unconstitutional spying in which federal agents have been seizing the digital images of our      ... MORE

VIDEO: Is Barack Obama Evil Or Stupid? You Decide.