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Dems Plan To Punish Those Who Question Global Warming

by Michael Bastasch.     Using government as a weapon. Democratic lawmakers are doubling down on their investigations into those who don’t tow the line on global warming by demanding records from oil companies they allege are part of a conspiracy “spreading disinformation about climate science.” The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained   ... MORE

Police State Update: Cops Caught On Video Denying Teens Access To Attorney In Investigation Of Kid Killed By Police

by Jay Syrmopoulous.  Government assaults the 6th Amendment. Video footage shows family members and attorneys being denied access to the two roommates of Tony Robinson, by a Madison police officer and a Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation agent after they were taken into police custody. Robinson’s roommates Anthony and Javier   ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Tortured Reasoning

The question is "compared to what."  Critics and defenders of the harsh interrogation methods applied to captured terrorists can argue forever over whether those methods were "torture." But any serious discussion of a serious issue — and surely terrorism qualifies as serious — has to move beyond semantics and confront the ultimate      ... MORE