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March 7, 2018

How many lives are saved by guns -- and why don't gun controllers care?

fromCreators: If states which did not have right-to-carry concealed gun provisions adopted them in 1992, approximately 1,570 murders and over 60,000 aggravated assaults may have been avoided yearly. 
2nd Amendment Assaults

VIDEO: Walter E Williams - The Morality of Redistribution

fromLibertyPen/YouTube: Problems of murder, mayhem and other forms of anti-social behavior will continue until we regain our moral footing.
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market    

Just like Vegas, authorities are hiding the surveillance footage of Parkland shooting

fromCreators: Just like officials have done in Las Vegas, authorities in Broward County are now surrounding themselves in secrecy and refusing to released the surveillance footage showing Nikolas Cruz attack the school.
The Government is Not Us     Police State America

Walter E Williams: Hidden Agenda or Ignorance?

fromCreators: Problems of murder, mayhem and other forms of anti-social behavior will continue until we regain our moral footing.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery     2nd Amendment Assaults

Asher-Schapiro & Owen: The People Who Police The Police

Requiring adherence to the law as well as enforcement. Jose LaSalle always told his stepson Alvin: "Watch the cops." So when three undercover NYPD officers stopped Alvin on the street, grabbed his book bag, and twisted his arm, the 16 year old didn't fight back. Instead, he hit Record on his phone and asked the police why they were giving   ... MORE

Rick Moran: 175,000 Pages Of Federal Regulations

What "unfettered capitalism?"        Whenever a liberal like Paul Krugman talks about the American system of “unfettered capitalism” I break out laughing. There are currently about 175,000 pages of federal regulations governing anything and everything about American business. In truth, many regulations have become necessary over the      ... MORE

N.Y. Legislature Passed Bill To Protect Bad Cops

by E.J. McMahon. Who should ultimately control police discipline in New York: elected officials through their appointed police commissioners, or unelected labor arbitrators chosen in part by labor unions? The question has plainly picked up added resonance in recent days. Gov. Cuomo will soon have a chance to answer it. Sometime before    ... MORE

Why Government Should Never Control The Internet

by Robert M. McDowell.      Tomorrow is the deadline for the public to comment on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) attempt to regulate the Internet under the seemingly innocuous moniker of “net neutrality.” The architect of this movement, and the man who coined the term “net neutrality,” is Columbia law professor Tim Wu.    ... MORE

Alyene Senger: ObamaCare's Impact On Doctors

More regulation, oversight and patients.     No class of American professionals will be more negatively impacted by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly referred to as Obamacare, than physicians. Third-party payment arrangements are already compromising the independence and integrity of the medical   ... MORE

Ben O'Neill: The NSA And Its "Compliance Problems"

The watchers need watching.       One of the core principles of good governance in society is the idea that the authority of law ought to prevail over the brute power of people — i.e., that society should operate under the rule of law, not the rule of men. Aristotle wrote that “[t]he law ought to be supreme over all ...” and argued that ... where the    ... MORE

Obama's Assurances About NSA Surveillance Ring Hollow

by Jacob Sullum.      Last Friday, in an interview with CNN, President Obama acknowledged that "the capabilities of the NSA are scary to people." The challenge for him, he explained at a press conference earlier this month, is "how do I make the American people more comfortable" with the National Security Agency's routine collection of        ... MORE

John Fund: Who Is Watching The NSA Watchers?

Why the oversight can never be adequate.        It’s clear that congressional oversight of the government’s intelligence activities is either inadequate or flawed. Asked if he believes there has been enough oversight of the NSA, Senate majority leader Harry Reid was dismissive last week: “Enough is something that’s in the eye of the beholder.”  ... MORE