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Marijuana Legalization In Alaska Gets One Step Closer

by Hunter Stuart.             Alaska just got one step closer to fully legalizing marijuana. But ultimately, like in Colorado and Washington, it will be voters who make the final call. Activists in Anchorage delivered a petition with over 45,000 signatures to Alaska Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell on Wednesday, organizers confirmed to The Huffington Post      ... MORE

2014: Another Chance To Legalize Pot In California

Where to sign the petition in California.     Possessing up to an ounce of marijuana in California is an “infraction” punishable by a $100 fine. In other words, state law treats pot smoking as a transgression akin to jaywalking or fishing without a license. Yet growing and selling marijuana are felonies that can send you to prison for years.      ... MORE

Manny Fernandez: 'Secession Fever' Hits Texas

The bumper stickers are everywhere. In the weeks since President Obama’s re-election, Republicans around the country have been wondering how to proceed. Some conservatives in Texas have been asking a far more pointed question: how to secede. Secession fever has struck parts of Texas, which Mitt Romney won by nearly 1.3 million votes.             ... MORE

Warren Beatty: Why The Secession Petitions?

The states are not so united.  President Barack Hussein Obama is not the first president to be faced with secession. The most famous secession that resulted in the Civil War was, first and foremost, about economics. Today we are witnessing the same reason cited for the various secession petitions -- economics. Derrick Belcher, who started the Alabama secession     ... MORE

Citizens In All 50 States File Petitions To Secede From U.S.

by Jason Linkins.    As you may have heard, residents in most of these United States have used the "We The People" online petition tool -- previously best known as the primary method that weed enthusiasts used to communicate with high-ranking members of the White House staff -- to file requests to secede from country in the wake of the       ... MORE

David Grant: Rand Paul Wants To Abolish The TSA

Petition to establish a passenger bill of rights. Forget the Fed, for now – Sen. Rand Paul wants to shut down the TSA. The Kentucky Republican is drafting legislation to end the Transportation Safety Administration and to establish a passenger bill of rights, according to a spokesman from his office. When those bills hit, they'll likely be accompanied by a deluge of ... MORE