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U.S. Will Track Secret Buyers Of Luxury Real Estate

by Louise Story.  Mission creep at Homeland Security. Concerned about illicit money flowing into luxury real estate, the Treasury Department said Wednesday that it would begin identifying and tracking secret buyers of high-end properties. The initiative will start in two of the nation’s major destinations for global wealth: Manhattan and Miami-Dade     ... MORE

Trump Thinks Kelo-Style Eminent Domain Is 'Wonderful'

by Matt Welch.   The Donald is used to crushing the little guy. Tonight Donald Trump was asked by Fox News anchor Bret Baier, "What do you think of eminent domain?" Here was the GOP frontrunner's answer: I think eminent domain is wonderful, if you're building a highway, and you need to build, as an example, a highway, and you're going to be       ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: The 'Affordable Housing' Fraud

Housing is unaffordable BECAUSE of politicians.  Nowhere has there been so much hand-wringing over a lack of "affordable housing," as among politicians and others in coastal California. And nobody has done more to make housing unaffordable than those same politicians and their supporters. A recent survey showed that the average monthly     ... MORE

Gonzalo Lira: The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy

The reward of playing by the rules.    True story: A retired couple I know, Brian and Ilsa, own a home in the Southwest. It’s a pretty house, right on the manicured golf course of their gated community (they’re crazy about golf). The only problem is, they bought the house near the top of the market in 2005, and now find themselves underwater.    ... MORE

Another Insurance Mess Government Has Gotten Us Into

Kathleen Pender on the flood insurance snafu.     A complex new federal insurance law is having so many unintended consequences that some of its original sponsors and backers are now trying to delay it. It's not the Affordable Care Act. It's the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012. Its goal was to put the National Flood         ... MORE

VIDEO: Real Estate Agents And You

Does your real estate agent agent have your best interests in mind?