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Justices To Rule On Warrantless Searches Of Hotel Records

Police demand arbitrary access to hotel records.  The Supreme Court agreed Monday to referee a dispute over police access to hotels' guest information without first getting a search warrant. The justices said they will hear an appeal by the city of Los Angeles of a lower court ruling that struck down an ordinance that requires hotel operators to   ... MORE

ObamaCare Will Share Info With IRS And Law Enforcement

by Jeryl Bier.        Maryland's Health Connection, the state's Obamacare marketplace, has been plagued by delays in the first days of open enrollment.  If users are able to endure long page-loading delays, they are presented with the website's privacy policy, a ubiquitous fine-print feature on websites that often go unread. Nevertheless,    ... MORE

Kentucky ObamaCare Warning: No Expectation Of Privacy

by Elizabeth Harrington.      The Kentucky Obamacare marketplace has no “expectation of privacy,” warning its prospective customers that their information can be monitored and shared with government bureaucrats. When clicking “let’s get started” on the state-run health insurance marketplace “kynect,” the user is quickly prompted  ... MORE

Sean Riley & Ed Walton: Obama's Privacy Nightmare

Government can't protect your sensitive data.         Tuesday marked the first day of open enrollment for the health-insurance exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act. It didn’t go very well: Would-be health-insurance consumers in at least 47 states encountered technical problems. These so-called glitches, however, mask a    ... MORE

Time To Speak Up Against The NSA's Mass Spying

by Rainey Reitman.       This summer, some of our worst fears and suspicions about the NSA have been confirmed. We now have evidence that the NSA is actively undermining the basic security of the Internet. It is collecting millions and millions of phone records of individuals not suspected of any crime. It is surveilling journalists. The NSA’s  ... MORE

Jacob Sullum: Ignorance Is Ratification

Allowing mass collection of Americans' phone records.    In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Arthur Dent discovers that the plans for a highway project involving demolition of his house have been "on display" in the basement of a government building at "the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on     ... MORE

Mike Flynn: Congress To Vote On NSA Spying

Is the GOP listening to the American people?     The House is considering the Defense Appropriations bill and conservatives in the House are insisting on votes dealing with National Security Agency (NSA) spying, aid to the military government in Egypt and aid to Syrian opposition groups. According to Politico, Rep. Justin Amash      ... MORE

Phil Gramm Ignores Fair Tax, Offers Plan For GOP Decline

by Louis Woodhill.    The July 10 edition of The Wall Street Journal contained an op-ed by former Texas Senator Phil Gramm entitled, “A GOP Game Plan for Tax Reform”. Unfortunately, his article could be more accurately named, “A GOP Game Plan for Losing the Next Two Elections.” Senator Gramm is a great guy who has made important      ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Under NSA's Unblinking Eye

No secrets except for government.      Some years ago, when tax simplification was being discussed, a cartoonist came up with the most likely way the IRS would achieve it: a postcard-sized 1040 form consisting of two lines: 1) How much did you make? 2) Send it in. That's comparable to where Americans are headed when it comes to keeping    ... MORE

The Inevitable Future Of Electronic Medical Records

by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD.    For the past year now I’ve been using an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and believe the writing is on the wall. These computerized medical records are not about improving health care; they are about control of both the physician and patient. Beginning in 2013, doctors who don’t prescribe electronically will be penalized financially.   ... MORE