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Stephen Moore: Freedom Not To Choose

The right-to-work proliferates.     My first job as a teenager back in 1976 was working as a blue-suited Andy Frain usher at sporting events at places like Wrigley Field in Chicago. When I took the job, I was required to join the local union and pay dues. My co-workers and I used to endlessly complain that the union was snatching money from our paychecks ... MORE

Right To Work Laws Are, Indeed, Libertarian

by Shikma Dalmia. Every time Right to Work is in the news, a civil war breaks out among libertarians about whether it is consistent with libertarianism or not. On one side are folks like me who think that right-to-work laws are a modest advance for worker freedom because they exempt workers from having to pay mandatory union dues as a condition  ... MORE

Ed Morrissey: You Have The Right To Not Pay Union Dues

Union dues are not an entitlement.   The battle between unions and state governments continued this week — just as it has for the last two years — in territory normally considered friendly for labor organizations. In the winter of 2011, Wisconsin forced an end to mandatory union contributions for state employees — and conservatives        ... MORE

Sylvia Bokor: Right To Work And Individual Rights

A matter of freedom, not economics. The Right to Work clause came into existence in 1935, embedded in the Taft-Hartely Law.  It means that (a) employees may not be forced to join a union, that (b) employers need not hire only those who agree to join a union, and (c) that employers need not fire employees for failing to join a union or pay union dues.      ... MORE