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John Stossel: Look Back In Liberty 2013

This wasn't a great year for liberty.            A few disasters that government caused:  Obamacare. It was supposed to "bend the cost curve" downward. The central planners had lots of time to perfect their scheme. For a generation, the brightest left-wing wonks focused on health care policy. The result? Soviet-style consumer service   ... MORE

Budget Cuts Could Pull Navy Out Of The War On Drugs

Tail-chasing activities may have to be curbed.  U.S. Navy frigates will stop patrolling for drug runners by April because of forced sequestration budget cuts, a Navy spokesman told USNI News on Monday. On Saturday, U.S. 4th Fleet was informed by Navy leadership it would suspend deployments of two ships—part of the Joint     ... MORE

America In Denial As Fiscal Tsunami Appoaches

by Gene Healy. It's hard to hear yourself think over all the caterwauling on Capitol Hill about the looming sequestration "crisis." For opponents of the spending cuts—at $85 billion, 2.3 percent of the $3.6 trillion federal budget—the rallying cry is half Lord Keynes, half St. Augustine: "Grant me chastity and continence—but not yet." But the time for a little  ... MORE

Jeffrey Lord: Abolish The Department Of Education

Do it for the children.    The Washington Post was alarmed. And House Republicans seem to be asleep. On Monday’s front page was the latest Obama horror story of what lay ahead for the fifty states if the sequester went into effect. Wrote the Post: The White House on Sunday detailed how the deep spending cuts set to begin this week would affect   ... MORE