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U.S. Intel Chief James Clapper: We Could Use Your Fridge To Spy On You - Do Digital Searches Require A Warrant?

Our ubiquitous government.  United States Intelligence Chief James Clapper has come out and said the government can now use your refrigerator to spy on you, according to a report presented to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. “In the future, intelligence services might use the [Internet of Things] for identification, surveillance, ... MORE

Home Appliances Could Soon Be Controlled By Government

by Daniel Barker.        Increasingly, our freedom and autonomy are threatened by those who seek to monitor and control every aspect of our daily lives. George Orwell’s “Big Brother” from the novel 1984 is a pale threat in comparison to the dystopian reality our leaders which have created for us since that book was published more than six      ... MORE

David Perera: Smart Grid Powers Up Privacy Worries

"Smart" means they are data-mining instruments.  The better to monitor us with. The next Big Data threat to our privacy may come from the electricity we consume in our homes. “Smart” online power meters are tracking energy use — and that data may soon be worth more than the electricity they distribute. The Department of Energy ... MORE

Should The 3rd Amendment Prevent Government Spying?

by Glenn Harlan Reynolds.      So a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a Third Amendment case from Nevada in which a family's home was literally seized and occupied by police seeking a vantage point over their neighbor's home. That case falls pretty much within the literal language of the Constitution's Third Amendment, which provides: "No    ... MORE

The Health, Security & Privacy Concerns Of Smart Meters

by Alyssa Edes.    Utilities across the country are installing so-called smart meters in homes and businesses to allow them to better track and manage energy use by their customers, aiming to increase efficiency, lower costs, and reduce pollution. But the advanced meters, which use wireless and digital technologies to send frequent consumption  ... MORE

R. Dennis Hansen: Losing Our Privacy At A Rapid Rate

Not just the night has a thousand eyes.     I work for a resource management agency. Last year, I attended a government-mandated class on the use of computers during work hours. The instructor pointed out that emails that leave our agency’s network are being scanned for content. Our Internet usage is also being monitored. What they are looking     ... MORE