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New Rankings Expose Worst “Policing for Profit” Offenders

Separating drivers from their money. When it comes to embracing transparency, no government enterprise fails more miserably than traffic enforcement. Police departments and municipalities resist disclosing the number of tickets they issue for fear of branding their communities as speed traps. And local courts routinely reduce speeding charges  ... MORE

USA Today Editorial: Policing For Profit Perverts Justice

Ferguson, Mo., is not the only guilty municipality.  Most people have never heard the term "policing for profit," but they've certainly seen it in action. Speed traps on roads that run through small towns have long generated money for the local governments. Big cities also police for profit. Washington, D.C., raked in $92 million in ticket revenue   ... MORE

Ex-Policeman Balks At "Indiscriminate Revenue Gathering"

Tells how to beat the rap on speeding tickets.      My name is Stan. I am a retired Sergeant of the Police force for 14 years. I was also a police prosecutor at times, so I know what I am talking about. I spent half my life in Magistrates Court during my time in the Force. I was only ever a very fair copper, and I am proud of my time in the job,    ... MORE

Bryan Hyde: Are Speed Limits For Safety Or Revenue

Red, white and blue are supposedly the colors of freedom. But that’s not what most of us feel when we see them strobing in our rear-view mirror. Most drivers, no matter how conscientious, experience a type of anxiety when they spot a police car while driving. This is particularly true when a police car is following us. It’s not that  ... MORE

Brad Tuttle: End Of The Road For Speed Traps?

Low speed limits make roads less safe.        Politicians, driver advocacy groups and even the police are trying to outlaw speed traps, not only because they’re annoying, but because when speed limits are too low, roads become more — not less — dangerous. Most drivers understand the need for speed limits. And yet they loathe speed traps       ... MORE

Warnings About Speed Traps Can Get You In Trouble

Government's reacts as moneymaker is threatened.        The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is using the case of a Missouri man to challenge a municipal law — one of dozens, if not hundreds of similar laws throughout the United States — that punishes motorists who flash their headlights at oncoming drivers to alert them to a police   ... MORE