Fred Branfman: America's Creeping Police State

Can the rapid growth of authoritarianism be stopped?     For those alarmed by the steady growth of lawless, violent and authoritarian U.S. Executive power for the last 50 years, the events of the past few months have been exciting. The emergence of a de facto coalition of progressives and conservatives opposing the National Defense    ... MORE

VIDEO: Nanny Of The Month - September 2013

8-Year-Old Suspended For Using Finger As Pretend Gun

The inmates are running the asylum.       The mother of an 8-year-old Central Florida boy is fighting back after her son was suspended from school for using his finger as a play gun. Bonnie Bennett said her son, Jordan, was suspended Friday at Harmony Community School in Osceola County after playing cops and robbers with another    ... VIDEO and MORE

Eric Peters: Assault And GM's $30,000 Battery

You might be allotted 200 miles between rechargings.     The economy must be doing a lot better than all the wretched indexes (number of people no longer even trying to find work, number of people on the dole, etc.) indicate. Otherwise, GM would not have announced it is committed to developing a new electric car battery capable   ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Are Guns The Problem?

Examining the inconvenient truth of the matter.        Every time there's a shooting tragedy, there are more calls for gun control. Let's examine a few historical facts. By 1910, the National Rifle Association had succeeded in establishing 73 NRA-affiliated high-school rifle clubs. The 1911 second edition of the Boy Scout Handbook made        ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Real Meaning Of The Redskin Debate

Should Congress care about the name of a sports team.      As a general rule, the names of professional sports teams, and their connotations, are of little concern. No one cares that the Chicago White Sox don't wear white socks, or that Utah, where the NBA's Jazz are based, is the last place you'd think of when you think of jazz.        ... MORE

VIDEO: Is ObamaCare Good For Business?

Matthew May: I Will Not Comply

A declaration of independence and liberty.             Like most members of the Congress that passed it and, undoubtedly, the president of the United States who signed it, I have not read the entirety of the ill-named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Yet there is one aspect concerning that legislation of which I am certain: I will    ... MORE

School Forced To Apologize After Obama Propaganda Video

Includes celebrities pledging to be "a servant" to president. A Wisconsin middle school has been forced to apologize after showing students a video produced after Barack Obama's 2008 election that included celebrities pledging to 'be a servant to the President.'  Some parents who watched the video at an assembly at Hudson     ... MORE

VIDEO: Public Servants Or Public Masters?

Security footage from Atlantic City shows six police kicking and beating a man then setting a dog on him, despite his not appearing to resist arrest. The dog appears to bite victim in the head.  Full story

Thomas Sowell: Destroying Household Jobs

Government, the foremost producer of idle hands.      Despite evidence from around the world that minimum wage laws can price low-skilled workers out of jobs, the U.S. Department of Labor is planning to extend minimum wage coverage to domestic workers, such as maids or those who drop in from time to time to do a few household      ... MORE

Top UK Cop: Legalize Drugs To Break Up Criminal Gangs

Proposes stopping their revenue source.           Durham Chief Constable Mike Barton claimed the war on drugs had failed and decriminalisation was the best way to wrestle power away dealers who get rich by feeding people's addiction. Mr Barton, who is the national intelligence leader for the Association of Chief Police Officers,     ... MORE

UN Climate Change Report Guilty Of False Forecast

from Investor's Business Daily.      The United Nations on Friday released its climate change report, which says that scientists are 95% sure that man is causing Earth to warm. Well, we're 100% sure this finding deserves a heaping dose of ridicule. 'It is extremely likely (95% confidence)," says the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on        ... MORE

Andrew Langer: Free Markets Vs False Markets

Government puts shackles on producers.       One of the great benefits of free markets is that they are eminently adaptable, constantly changing to meet the forces of supply, demand, and price. They are, in many ways, like organisms or ecosystems, evolving over time to improve. As factors change, industries or firms meet those changes,      ... MORE

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Problems Of Unemployment

Michael S. Rozeff: Who Wants Marijuana To Remain Illegal?

In addition to organized crime and the drug cartels:     Police unions, private prison corporations, alcohol and beer companies, pharmaceutical companies, and prison guard unions are said to be in the top five in terms of lobbying and paying lawmakers to keep marijuana illegal. Hey, this is DEMOCRACY at work. This is the best system   ... MORE

Jacob Sullum: Obama's Flip-Flop On Spying

Learning the joys of unaccountable surveillance.       President Obama claims he welcomes the public debate over government surveillance programs that track personal information about millions of innocent Americans. But if it were up to him, the debate never would have happened, since the programs would have remained secret.  ... MORE

VIDEO: Remy - ObamaCare Video Contest Song

Poll Shows Ted Cruz Preferred GOP Candidate

Two liberty advocates top the list.       PPP's newest national poll finds Ted Cruz is now the top choice of Republican primary voters to be their candidate for President in 2016. He leads the way with 20% to 17% for Rand Paul, 14% for Chris Christie, 11% for Jeb Bush, 10% each for Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, 4% for Bobby Jindal, and 3% each for Rick   ... MORE

3 Big Ways The GOP Can Win The ObamaCare Battle

by Steve Forbes.     There are three things congressional Republicans should do now to win the battle with President Obama over the continuing  resolution. They are good for the country and popular with the people. 1.  What’s Good for Big Business Is Good For The American People. Demand that the individual mandate be postponed       ... MORE