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Thomas Sowell: Football and Fallacies

This is a football story with both political and legal implications.

It was fourth down in a National Football League game, and the punting team came onto the field. The other team went into their formation to defend against the punt. Then somebody noticed that the man set to kick the punt was black.  ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Random Thoughts On The Passing Scene

Sparks of brilliance!        The presidential election prospects for the Democrats are so bad this year that only the Republicans can save them — as Republicans have saved them before.  Will a Supreme Court without a single Protestant justice rule that an "under-representation" of any group is evidence of discrimination?  Here is a trick question: What        ... MORE

Taxpayers And Property Rights Win In Rams Move To LA

by Raymond J Nhan.      Eminent domain and public funded statia. Recent news of the Los Angeles Rams is a win-win-win for the NFL and taxpayers in Los Angeles and St. Louis. Though citizens of the Gateway City may feel differently right now, they just avoided a massive waste of taxpayer funds and a series of eminent domain abuses. And the   ... MORE

How Much Is A College Football Player Worth?

by Alexis Garcia.  Hint: More than the NCAA wants to admit. College football has returned to the airwaves and with it the debate over paying student-athletes. Though the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) brought in nearly $1 billion dollars in revenue last year, the organization continues to resist compensating student-athletes   ... MORE

Income Tax Makes States Radioactive To Sports Stars

by Travis H. Brown.     Add Ndamukong Suh to the ever-growing list of professional athletes who are bidding farewell to their high-tax home state in favor of sunnier economic climates. Suh – considered one of the top-two players in free agency this season – is leaving Detroit for Miami. By doing so, the defensive tackle will give himself a significant tax    ... MORE

Sports Stadiums Throw Taxpayers For A Loss

by Steve Chapman.     It's a play fake that never fails. Since 1995, Los Angeles has been an anomaly: a huge city with lots of sports fans that has exactly as much professional football as Billings, Montana. This week, Angelenos got a bit of good news: They still aren't getting an NFL franchise. A corporation called AEG announced Monday that it    ... MORE

David Leonhardt: Football, The Newest Partisan Divide

Dismantling the gridiron.      To the list of issues that divide the country along partisan lines, you can add an unusual item: football. Yes, virtually every slice of America still watches football in enormous numbers. But blue America — particularly the highly educated Democratic-leaning areas of major metropolitan areas — is    ... MORE

Should NFL Players Be Allowed To Treat Pain With Pot?

Moralists clash with medicine. While Colorado is the first state to fully legalize marijuana, Denver Broncos players are banned from using the drug. However, as CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen reports, a former NFL player said the hits he took on the field made him, and others like him, turn to pot. "Pain is constant when you play       ... MORE

Ron Hart: 2 Suggestions to Fix the NFL

by Nick Gillespie.    Columnist Ron Hart looks at the NFL's problems:  It was only under pressure from its $200-million-a-year sponsor Anheuser-Busch that the NFL attempted to do anything morally righteous. It is a sad day when a booze purveyor has to stake out the moral high ground for you.... Goodell has dictatorially tinkered with some rules;       ... MORE

Fay Voshell: We're All Redskins Now

Time to go on the warpath.     Conservatives should be disabused of any notion that the recent revocation of the Redskins’ trademark by the US Patent Office had anything at all to do with the disparagement of Native Americans, real or perceived. On the contrary, the exercise in political correctness is not about aggrieved Native Americans.   ... MORE

The Redskins And The Role Of Government

by Jonathan S. Tobin.      Yesterday’s ruling by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board on a suit challenging the right of the Washington Redskins football team to protect their trademark is being hailed as a turning point in the battle to force the team and its stubborn owner to give up the fight to keep the controversial name. An appeal of    ... MORE

Is Crazed Super Bowl Security a Taste of America To Come?

by J. D. Tuccille.    Think of a TSA checkpoint that goes on, forever. In the run-up to Super Bowl XLVIII (just be happy they don't use Egyptian numerals), the New York City Police Department is deploying an "amazing arsenal of security initiatives," including 200 "temporary" surveillance cameras to ensure that dirty deeds remain undone at the big   ... MORE

T Gamble: Political Correctness Crowd Working Overtime

Avoiding the heartbreak of being offended.        The political correctness crowd has been working overtime lately, which I guess they can do considering they don’t really actually work anywhere but instead spend all their time trying to figure out a new way to be offended. They now claim great offense at the Washington Redskins         ... MORE