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How Much Is A College Football Player Worth?

by Alexis Garcia.  Hint: More than the NCAA wants to admit. College football has returned to the airwaves and with it the debate over paying student-athletes. Though the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) brought in nearly $1 billion dollars in revenue last year, the organization continues to resist compensating student-athletes   ... MORE

Peter Schiff: Currencies Depend On Faith, Gold Doesn’t

Considering the intrinsic value of paper.    In his July 17th Blog, Let’s Get Real About Gold, author and Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig likened investor interest in gold with the “Pet Rock” craze of the 1970’s, when consumers became convinced that a rock in a box would provide continuous companionship, elevate their social standing,  ... MORE

As Prices Drop, Gold Sales Explode at US Mint

by Joshua Krause.   Something doesn't add up here. A little over two weeks ago, a source within the US Mint announced that sales of their silver eagles had grown to the point that the Mint was running out, and would have to suspend all orders for several weeks. This claim was later officially confirmed by the US Mint, and ZeroHedge noted how strange   ... MORE

Dynamism and Durability Are Great Features Of Capitalism

by Ira Stoll.  A lesson in basic economics courtesy of an old Toyota. The odometer on my 1999 Toyota Camry hit 100,000 earlier this week. It triggered a small family celebration and some reflection on what might be learned from the achievement. One takeaway is that newer isn’t always better. You don’t have to be an adherent of Judaism (older    ... MORE

Keith Weiner: The Doctor-Laborer Inversion

Clear thinking on minimum wage.  The battle over minimum wage is raging. Emotions are running hot. Some cities are setting the bar very high. For example, Seattle is mandating a $15/hour wage. Economically, the issue is very simple. Minimum wage laws do not raise anyone’s wage. This is because it’s not sustainable to overpay.  Suppose you run  ... MORE

Embrace The Morality Of The Free Market Economy

by Matthew Boyer.     The free market is the moral option when it comes to economic systems. This is something you don’t hear everyday, especially in progressive academia. But what is it about the free market that makes it superior to other potential economic models? Are capitalists truly greedy pigs, or are they self-interested humans who     ... MORE

Jaana Woiceshyn: Business As A Moral Endeavor

The ones who make our lives better.     When I tell people that I teach business ethics, I am often told that it is an oxymoron because business cannot be moral. That view is common, thanks to the wide acceptance of altruism as a moral code. The view is also mistaken, and we should be concerned because such a view hampers the ability    ... MORE

Richard M. Ebeling: The Miracle and Morality of the Market

Freedom to choose is the freedom to self-determine.   One of the great fallacies arrogantly believed in by those in political power is the notion that they can know enough to manage and command the lives of everyone in society with better results than if people are left to live their own lives as they freely choose. The fact is, there is far more   ... MORE

Science: E-Cigs Could Save Hundreds Of Millions Of Lives

As U.S. politicians try to ban the device ...   A group of 53 leading scientists has warned the World Health Organization not to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products, arguing that doing so would jeopardize a major opportunity to slash disease and deaths caused by smoking. The UN agency, which is currently assessing its position on the matter,   ... MORE

Forbes: The Bankruptcy Of Modern Economics

Examples of intellectual illness.    The resounding victory of N.J. Governor Chris Christie has people speculating about the 2016 presidential race, particularly on the Republican side, since it’s a given among pols and pundits that Hillary Clinton’s nomination for the Democrats is a foregone conclusion (it isn’t, but that’s another discussion).     ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: The War Against Achievement

Replacing inspiration and motivation with entitlements.    A friend recently sent me a link to an inspiring video about an upbeat young black man who was born without arms. It showed him going to work -- unlike the record number of people living on government payments for "disabilities" that are far less serious, if not fictitious. How is     ... MORE

Nick Gillespie: Ayn Rand Would Have Loved Kickstarter

The ultimate in 'value-for-value'.       What does it mean that the makers of the final installment of a three-part film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s controversial 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged are asking for donations at the crowdfunding site Kickstarter? Isn’t that the book where characters pledge to “never live for the sake of another man, to live      ... MORE

Give Back? It's Time For The 99% To Give Back To The 1%

by Harry Binswanger.      It’s time to gore another collectivist sacred cow. This time it’s the popular idea that the successful are obliged to “give back to the community.” That oft-heard claim assumes that the wealth of high-earners is taken away from “the community.” And beneath that lies the perverted Marxist notion that wealth is accumulated ... MORE