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Richmond California Establishes A New Low By Paying Criminals Up To $1000 A Month Not To Shoot People

by Jennifer Cruz.  A San Francisco suburb has taken an unconventional approach to fighting crime by essentially paying a sort of monthly salary to ex-cons in exchange for them staying out of trouble and helping others to do the same. The program, known as Operation Peacemaker Fellowship, targets some of the most violent offenders in Richmond,     ... MORE

How Much Is A College Football Player Worth?

by Alexis Garcia.  Hint: More than the NCAA wants to admit. College football has returned to the airwaves and with it the debate over paying student-athletes. Though the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) brought in nearly $1 billion dollars in revenue last year, the organization continues to resist compensating student-athletes   ... MORE

Free Coffee To Cops Policy Burns Starbucks

No good deed goes unpunished.   A Raleigh police officer who was given a free cup of coffee by Starbucks is now suing the company after he spilled it and got burned. In the lawsuit, Matthew Kohr, a lieutenant with RPD, said the lid popped off the cup of coffee he ordered at the Starbucks on Peace Street in January 2012 and the cup collapsed.      ... MORE

Government Looks to Save Money by Cutting Military Pay

by Onan Coca.  In a speech on Wednesday off the coast of San Diego, outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned troops that the U.S. can’t afford its military personnel anymore.Troops are already bracing for the results of a report on Feb. 1, which will most likely not be friendly to military pay. The report is by the Military Compensation and    ... MORE

Richard Rahn: Economic Lessons From The Olympics

Reward, not envy is the American way.  Do you admire what the Olympic athletes have been able to accomplish, and do you think they should be applauded for their outstanding performances? Most people in the world would answer the question in the affirmative. Most people also admire and applaud great musicians and artists. We celebrate   ... MORE

Little League Lawsuit Epitomizes A Big League Problem

by Anthony W. Hager.  Some things can't be fully appreciated unless compared to their opposites.  We hold light dear because its absence is darkness.  Crisp autumn mornings are sweeter when compared to summer's searing heat.  Likewise, reward can't be fully valued without risk.  The connection between risk and reward is a common element in    ... MORE