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Walter E Williams: Unappreciated Tax On The Poor

High risk neighborhoods are taxing themselves.  A few years ago, BET had a commentary titled "Where Are the Grocery Stores in Black Neighborhoods?" One wonders whether anyone thinks that the absence of supermarkets in predominantly black neighborhoods means that white merchants do not like dollars coming out of black hands.      ... MORE

The Effects Of The Minimum Wage Rise In San Francisco

by Tim Worstall.   As we keep trying to point out to people there really isn’t anything even remotely resembling a free lunch when it comes to the discussion of wages and labor. Meaning that just because well meaning liberals wave their magic wand and decree that wages will rise there will indeed be countervailing effects. And in San Francisco, where   ... MORE

Larry Kudlow: Lower Oil Prices Are a Free-Market Victory

And a big tax cut.   Seldom has so much good news been portrayed so negatively. Oil prices continue to fall in the U.S. and around the world, but near everyone in the media is grumpy about it. The headlines today are among the silliest I’ve seen: Energy-company stocks are declining, oil deflation is an economic threat, the Fed might raise rates much  ... MORE

A. Barton Hinkle: End State Monopolies On Liquor Sales

It's time to get the state out of the booze business.    Virginia made a big mistake four years ago when it failed to end the state’s monopoly on liquor sales, and its residents are going to pay the price for that — again. So far in 2014 Virginia has hauled in 6 percent more revenue than it had by this point last year. But lawmakers had planned     ... MORE

The Profit Motive Behind The NSA's Big Brother Spying

by Richard Byrne Reilly.        The biggest scandal to ever roil the National Security Agency, compliments of Edward Snowden, happened on his watch, but that hasn’t stopped retired General Keith Alexander from demanding a seven-figure technical consulting fee now that he’s a civilian. Alexander retired from the agency last year, and his     ... MORE

Civil Forfeiture Powers Expanded In Human Trafficking Bill

Police to profit more from property seizures.     Proposed legislation to tighten Pennsylvania’s law against human trafficking would also expand law enforcement’s ability to seize the assets of people simply accused of the crime. Greg Rowe is with the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association, which helped write the measure that passed the     ... MORE

Walter E Williams: The Pope And Capitalism

Economic theories that are far from divine.     Pope Francis, in his apostolic exhortation, levied charges against free market capitalism, denying that "economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world" and concluding that "this opinion   ... has never been   ... MORE

Andrew Stiles: ObamaCare And Its Cronies

The best government money can buy.         Despite the myriad problems with Obamacare’s rollout, health-insurance companies are not tempering their support for the controversial law. The industry is even gearing up for an expensive “PR blitz” to enroll people in the exchanges, which should come as no surprise. In the words of former        ... MORE

Tenn Hearings Demonstrate Absurdities Of Asset Forfeiture

by Radley Balko.          Here in Nashville, the state legislature held hearings this week on "policing for profit," the catchy name the libertarian public interest law firm the Institute for Justice has given to the practice of civil asset forfeiture. The hearings were inspired by some terrific reporting done by local television journalist Phil Williams over    ... MORE