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September 8, 2017

House rules committee blocks amendment protecting medical marijuana

from Reason: Politicians demonstrate -- in direct opposition to voters -- that would rather sick people not get medicine than to lose the slightest bit of power.
The War on Unapproved Voluntary Transactions

No state constitutional right to assisted suicide, New York high court rules

from the Washington Post: You would only have a right to assisted suicide if you owned yourself, for one is free to destroy any property they own. However, as state property, you have no such right.
Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

CNN caught creating fake news again

from Activist Post: This time they were caught adding words to a Syrian witness’ statement to forward their chosen narrative.
Media Bias on Parade

London police’s use of facial recognition falls flat on its face

from Naked Security: It couldn’t even tell the difference between a young woman and a balding man.
Government is Watching Every Move You Make

College activists march on the cafeteria: what do we want? hydroponic cilantro!

from Activist Post: Students across the U.S. are making some very precise demands of school chefs and dining halls, including a churrascaria, a gelateria and a sushi bar.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

The bubble is now so massive even Wall Street is getting nervous

from ZeroHedge: The market has steadily gone up for quite a while now, even though the economy has performed rather poorly and the debt risen at a rapid rate. The increase was largely fueled by low interest rates and government spending, not the production of wealth. The Trump bump is also a move based on perception not reality. It all spells market bubble to me (jim).
Economic Policy: Statism vs The Free Market

Markets Suffer Worst Start To Year Since Great Depression

by Marcus Leroux.         The start of this year has been the worst for financial markets since the onset of the Great Depression, with stock prices slumping around the world amid mounting concern over the situation in China. A wave of selling has swept the world’s leading financial centres over the past two weeks, with the value of Britain’s     ...  MORE

Lu Wang: 2015 - The Year Nothing Worked

Stocks, bonds, cash go nowhere.     Worst year for asset allocation funds since 1937. The idea behind asset allocation is simple: when one market struggles, it’s OK because an investor can jump into another that is thriving. Not so in 2015. In fact, if you judge the past year by which U.S. investment class generated the largest return, a case can be    ... MORE

Michael Lewitt: The Economy Is Coming Unglued

Signs that the wheels are coming off the wagon.     Commodity prices are plunging, the dollar is powering higher, Obamacare is collapsing, economies everywhere are faltering, and terrorism is spreading across the globe. That’s bad news. Unless you happen to be among the stock market investors who in the U.S. spent the last week bidding up stock   ... MORE

John Crudele: Why The Federal Reserve Should Be Audited

Because ignorance is not bliss.  It is time for a comprehensive audit of Janet Yellen ’s Federal Reserve — and not just for the reasons presidential candidate Rand Paul and others have given. The Fed needs to be audited to see if its ruling body has broken the law by manipulating financial markets that are outside its jurisdiction. A thorough    ... MORE

Mark Cuban Says Tech Bubble Is ‘Far Worse’ Than In 2000

Launching "into the giddy phase.  "What a week for Mark Cuban. Fresh off being tapped for the role of the president alongside Ann Coulter in the upcoming blockbuster “Sharknado 3,” the brash billionaire’s bearish forecast has landed him a spot in MarketWatch’s call of the day. “If we thought it was stupid to invest in public Internet websites that   ... MORE

Congress Poised To Allow Cuts To Private Pension Payouts

by Evan Halper.     More than 1 million Americans who were promised secure, predictable retirement income probably will see part of their monthly benefit checks evaporate as Congress moves to stabilize some private pension systems veering toward insolvency. The expected congressional action to allow previously promised private-sector   ... MORE

Roger Meiners: Regulating Our Way To Prosperity

Government Math: More rules = more money.       If you’re wondering why the stock market has risen in recent months despite uninspiring economic news, look no further than the Federal Register. This massive volume, where all new regulations are published, promises a bright economic future that should ease anyone’s concern     ... MORE

Paul Craig Roberts: The Assault On Gold

The Federal Reserve's last stand?    For Americans, financial and economic Armageddon might be close at hand. The evidence for this conclusion is the concerted effort by the Federal Reserve and its dependent financial institutions to scare people away from gold and silver by driving down their prices. When gold prices hit $1,917.50 an    ... MORE

John Stossel: Legalize Insider Trading

Think about it.  Insider trading leads the news again, casting a cloud over Steven Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors $14 billion hedge fund. The SEC charged Mathew Martoma, who used to manage a SAC Capital division, with using inside information about tests on an Alzheimer's drug to trade stock of the company working on it. The media love this stuff.   ... MORE

Carol Roth: Insider Trading Should Be Legalized

Information makes the market efficient.   Former SAC Capital trader Mathew Martoma’s insider trading investigation is just one of a bevy of high-profile insider trading cases that have come to light in the past few years and I think spending time and effort on these cases is a farce. Should the allegations prove to be true, I am not        ... MORE

VIDEO: Peter Schiff: Obama 2.0 & The Fiscal Cliff

This important video contains vital information for your future! 

Implications for America, the Markets, the Dollar and Gold.
Should we go all out to avoid the fiscal cliff or just take the dive? 

Nathan Vardi: Obama Win Makes Wall Street The Big Loser

Market looks to future with dread.  In October, Wall Street hosted a rich fundraiser at the Hilton New York for Mitt Romney. Hedge fund, private equity and investment banking big shots were among the nearly 200 co-chairs of the event that cost $1,000 to attend. Those who shelled out $5,000 got to leave with a photo with vice-presidential hopeful Paul Ryan,  ... MORE

Mytheos Holt: Gun Stocks Shoot Through The Roof

Guns are becoming the new gold. Given the increasingly uncertain political and economic climate, it’s no big surprise that people are continuing to buy guns in record numbers. However, at this stage it’s surpassed just an issue of being record numbers. We’d say guns are selling like hotcakes, but there might not be market data showing that  ... MORE