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The Demonization Of American Capitalism

by Jonathan Adelman.     In the last seven years, inspired heavily by the Great Recession of 2007-2009, there has been a tidal wave of demonization of American capitalism. From movies (“The Great Gatsby” to the “Wolf of Wall Street”) to large scale social protest movements (“Occupy Wall Street”) to “One Percenters” to much of the    ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: The Moral Infrastructure

Neglect in the short term invites disaster in the long term. The "Occupy" movement, which the Obama administration and much of the media have embraced, has implications that reach far beyond the passing sensation it has created. The unwillingness of authorities to put a stop to their organized disruptions of other people's lives, their      ... MORE

Steven Greenhut: How Government Makes Life Worse

Another day means more waste, fraud or abuse.   Occupy Wall Street protesters are reminiscent of writer R. Emmett Tyrrell’s criticism of radical feminists: They don’t know what they want, but they want it very badly. On May Day, the protesters tied up the streets of Oakland, San Francisco, and elsewhere. They are mad as hell and they are not  ... MORE

Walter E. Williams: America's Two-Faced Liberals

Behind the facade. President Barack Obama and Wall Street occupiers, along with their allies in the mainstream media and on college campuses, have maintained an ongoing attack on high-income earners, people they call 1 percenters. Listening to their deceitful demagoguery, you would naturally think of them as 99 percenters, but you'd be dead-wrong. Last week, ... MORE

Katie Pavlich: Unions Plan To Train 100,000 Protestors

Welcome to Occupy Spring. When The 99% Spring was announced in February, organizers vowed to train 100,000 people. It looks like they’ll easily make that goal when their training programs kick off next week. There are already 918 planned around the country. All the group needs is about 10 people at each session to meet its goal, and  ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Obama's Racial Politics

Aided and abetted by a dishonest media.   There's been a heap of criticism placed upon President Barack Obama's domestic policies that have promoted government intrusion and prolonged our fiscal crisis and his foreign policies that have emboldened our enemies. Any criticism of Obama pales in comparison with what might be said about the American ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: A Brass Age?

This may be the golden age of presumptuous ignorance.   The most recent demonstrations of that are the Occupy Wall Street mobs. It is doubtful how many of these semi-literate sloganizers could tell the difference between a stock and a bond. Yet there they are, mouthing off about Wall Street on television, cheered on by politicians and the  ... MORE

Daniel Hannan: Crony Capitalism Is Failing

Let's try the REAL thing.   The past four years have seen governments throughout the West turn to a ghoulish corporatism, in which selected private companies are bailed out with public money. Understandably, people from across the political spectrum have reacted angrily. The Tea Partiers and the Occupiers are both protesting against the same thing, viz the rescue   ... MORE

Andrew B. Wilson: Freedom Vs. Fairness

Will America succumb to the politics of envy?    As the third of seven children, I grew up in a family where fairness issues were constantly bubbling to the surface. It did us no good. Each of us pleaded in vain for relief from the unequal division of household chores and duties. And complain though we would, we couldn't stop the sometimes uneven   ... MORE

Barry Farber: Occupiers Are Not Heroes, Just Marxists

Mice striving to be rats.     How dare Time magazine link real freedom fighters of the Middle East with the sorry bunch of American "protesters" who shared Time's Person-of-the-Year honors? Whatever happened to the Time magazine that emblazoned its cover in 1956 with the genuinely heroic anti-Communist Hungarian freedom fighters? Protesters in Syria daily... MORE

Walter E Williams: Ending Income Inequality?

A question for Paul Krugman.   Benefiting from a hint from an article titled "Is Harry Potter Making You Poorer?", written by my colleague Dr. John Goodman, president of the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, I've come up with an explanation and a way to end income inequality in America, possibly around the world. Joanne Rowling was a welfare mother in ... MORE

Larry Elder: Hey OWS, Wealth Isn't A Civil Right

Why Peter is getting very uneasy.  There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Everything demanded by the Occupy Wall Streeters -- whether "free" health care, a "world-class education" or a "guaranteed living-wage income regardless of employment" status -- costs money. When a CEO makes a lot of money in the private sector, it is because his company -- rightly or ... MORE

Charles Kadlec: Social Justice, Greed And OWS

Why more liberty, less government is the answer.   It seems to be almost a law of human nature that it is easier for people to agree on a negative program on the hatred of an enemy, on the envy of those better off than on any positive task.”  Friedrich Hayek, The Road to Serfdom    Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has provided a rare up-close and personal look at a social  ... MORE

Bill Freeze: The Inevitable Outcome Of Big Government

Uncontrolled power + special interests = crony capitalism. Would a farmer who put out a trough of slop be surprised if it attracted a bunch of pigs? Then why are activists who promote enlarging the size and scope of government shocked when one program after another is hijacked by corporations that find it easier to seek favors in Washington than ... MORE

John Fricke: Should I Buy A Gun?

A question everyone should be asking.  I have never owned a gun. Matter of fact, I have fired a gun a grand total of one time in my life. I shouldered a shotgun out in the north Georgia woods when I was nineteen years old and fired at a milk bottle filled with water as a target. The kick from the gun nearly tore my shoulder off, since I obviously had no clue what ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Ignorance Exploited

Workers bear up to 75 percent of the corporate tax.  Many Wall Street occupiers are echoing the Communist Party USA's call to "Save the nation! Tax corporations! Tax the rich!" There are other Americans, on both the left and the right — for example, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner — who call for reductions in corporate taxes. But the  ... MORE