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Walter E Williams: What Is The Fair Share Of Taxes?

Politicians exploiting the ignorant.   Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, along with President Obama, say they want high-income earners, otherwise known as the rich, to pay their fair share of income taxes. None of these people, as well as the uninformed in the media and our campus intellectual elites, will say precisely  ... MORE

Income Tax Makes States Radioactive To Sports Stars

by Travis H. Brown.     Add Ndamukong Suh to the ever-growing list of professional athletes who are bidding farewell to their high-tax home state in favor of sunnier economic climates. Suh – considered one of the top-two players in free agency this season – is leaving Detroit for Miami. By doing so, the defensive tackle will give himself a significant tax    ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Fairness And Justice

What you need to know about them.     Oxfam reports that the richest 1 percent of people in the world own 48 percent of the world's wealth. Many claim that we should be alarmed by income inequality because it hampers upward mobility. Others argue that because income is distributed so unevenly, justice and fairness require income     ... MORE

Keith Weiner: The Doctor-Laborer Inversion

Clear thinking on minimum wage.  The battle over minimum wage is raging. Emotions are running hot. Some cities are setting the bar very high. For example, Seattle is mandating a $15/hour wage. Economically, the issue is very simple. Minimum wage laws do not raise anyone’s wage. This is because it’s not sustainable to overpay.  Suppose you run  ... MORE

Congress Poised To Allow Cuts To Private Pension Payouts

by Evan Halper.     More than 1 million Americans who were promised secure, predictable retirement income probably will see part of their monthly benefit checks evaporate as Congress moves to stabilize some private pension systems veering toward insolvency. The expected congressional action to allow previously promised private-sector   ... MORE

Tim Stanley: Numbers Prove Life Under Obama Sucks

 America is so over Obama.     In 2008, the media and a majority of the voters were head-over-heels in love with the man who told them that “yes, we can” overcome war and recession. By 2012, the amour had cooled but they were willing to give four more years to the guy who was – if nothing else – way hotter than Mitt Romney. But now it’s 2014  ... MORE

Peter Morici: The Real Unemployment Rate Is At Least 18%

Dismal future for low-skill workers. Friday, the Labor Department is expected to report the economy added 235,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate remained steady at 6.1 percent, but that hardly tells the story. The jobless rate may be down from its recession peak of 10 percent, but much of this results from adults, discouraged by    ... MORE

Jaana Woceshyn: Income Levels Is Not A Social Issue

Don't take your eye off the ball.      I have resisted writing about the perceived problem of inequality in income and wealth; Thomas Piketty’s book, Capital in the 21st Century, has received too much unjustified attention already. But I gave in because I think what I have to add to the debate helps in rejecting Piketty’s argument that     ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: The High Cost Of Liberalism - Part Three

The wrong incentives.      Income inequality has long been one of the liberals' favorite issues. So there is nothing surprising about its being pushed hard this election year. If nothing else, it is a much-needed distraction from the disasters of ObamaCare and the various IRS, Benghazi and other Obama administration scandals. Like so many other   ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Politics Of Hate And Envy

Part of the progressive agenda is to create hate and envy. One component of that agenda is to attack the large differences between a corporation's chief executive officer's earnings and those of its average worker. CNNMoney published salary comparisons in "Fortune 50 CEO pay vs. our salaries". Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf's annual salary    ... MORE

Brian Doherty: Higher Is Healthier?

Surprising findings from psychedelic science.      Despite what you might have learned from old government-sponsored black-and-white educational films or hippie-era exploitation flicks, psychedelic drugs do not drive you inexorably insane. A new study in PLoSOne, an online peer-reviewed journal from the Public Library of Science,          ... MORE

The Economic Ripple Effect Of The Bakken Shale Oil Boom

by Mark J. Perry.      The Minneapolis Fed recently performed an interesting analysis of the economic ripple effect of shale oil activity in North Dakota as it spreads out from “ground zero” in the Bakken area, here’s an excerpt: The Bakken oil boom has led to strong growth in employment and record low unemployment rates in that region.  ... MORE

Push For Minimum Wage Ignores Economic Reality

by Steve Chapman.  President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress want to raise the minimum wage to improve the lot of the working poor. But they've got the wrong idea. The problem is not that these workers earn so little; it's that the things they buy cost so much. I propose instead to outlaw high prices. No one, after all, likes paying too much.      ... MORE