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The Free Market: It’s Like Uber, But For Everything

by Robert Tracinski.      If it sometimes seems like it’s impossible to restore the free market, as if every new wave of government regulation is irreversible, then consider that one form of regulation, which is common in the most dogmatically big-government enclaves in the country, is being pretty much completely dismantled before our eyes. And it’s the  ... MORE

Anti-Ridesharing Laws Are Stuck In The Past

by Jordan Richardson.   Times have certainly changed since Robert De Niro was driving cab around New York's boroughs in the move Taxi Driver. The 1976 film showcased a society focused on the Vietnam War and De Niro's obsession with a presidential campaign. But one thing has not changed since the 70s: The government is still trying to regulate  ... MORE

Walter E Williams: The Struggle For Economic Liberty

The war against Uber, Lyft and consumers.  Where public utility commissions decide who will have the right to go into the taxi business, a prospective entrant must apply for a "certificate of public convenience and necessity." Lawyers for the incumbent taxi owners, most often corporate owners or owner associations, appear at the hearing to argue that ... MORE

John Stossel - The War On Uber

Hillary attacks Uber to protect taxi cartels.    Hillary Clinton gave a speech warning that the new "sharing economy" of businesses such as the ride-hailing company Uber is "raising hard questions about workplace protections." Democrats hate what labor unions hate, and a taxi drivers' union hates Uber, too. Its NYC website proclaims, "Uber  ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Fairness And Justice

What you need to know about them.     Oxfam reports that the richest 1 percent of people in the world own 48 percent of the world's wealth. Many claim that we should be alarmed by income inequality because it hampers upward mobility. Others argue that because income is distributed so unevenly, justice and fairness require income     ... MORE

John Stossel: The Better Way

It's easy to "fire" a business that rips you off.   Just go to a different one. It's a lot easier to patronize another business than to get government to fix the problem. But bad businesses and the politicians they own, I mean influence, often don't want you to have that choice. I've written about how taxi companies don't like competition   ... MORE

James Gattuso & Diane Katz: 10 Worst Regulations Of 2014

Laws beyond bad.   As 2014 comes to a close, it is enveloped in red tape. From the breakfast table to the night light, government regulators invaded nearly every moment of our lives. Here’s our take on the 10 worst examples of the past year: Number 10. Federal Censorship Commission: The Federal Communications Commission began considering a    ... MORE

Taxi Unions Bribe Government To Destroy Competition

by Jason Mick.    Crony capitalism 1 Consumers 0. The U.S. isn't exactly a "free market" at times, with outright bribery -- condoned by the U.S. judicial system -- or collusive public-private cartels leading to some products and services being banned from the market.  Just ask Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) whose electric vehicles have been banned     ... MORE

Uber Faces Backlash From The New Luddites

by Steven Greenhut.   Many people are familiar with "Luddites," those early 19th century British textile workers who vandalized modern looms and other innovative, time-saving machinery that they feared would put them out of business – or reduce the value of their work. I’m not the first writer to notice the resemblance between the original Luddite  ... MORE