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Apple Engineers Say They’d Rather Quit Than Help FBI

by Maya Kosoff.   Individual liberty still valued in some quarters. The public battle between Apple and the federal government has taken a defiant new turn, as some Apple engineers say they would refuse to help the federal government break into their company’s devices. Engineers at the company have already talked about who would have to help   ... MORE

Politically-Correct Food Keeps Poisoning Its Customers

by Roberto A Ferdman and Abha Bhattarai. Chipotle became the darling of the fast-food world by attracting millennials, blue-collar workers and even whole families with its promise of high-quality, sustainably sourced Mexican-inspired cuisine. But a series of food poisonings and other challenges are threatening its reputation and underscoring the  ... MORE

Katherine Mangu-Ward: Plastic Bags Are Good

Another thing prohibitionists get wrong.  Here is a list of things that are thicker than a typical plastic grocery bag: A strand of hair. A coat of paint. A human cornea. High-density polyethylene is a miracle of materials science. Despite weighing less than 5 grams, one bag can hold 17 pounds, well over 1,000 times its own weight. At about a penny ... MORE

John Stossel - The War On Uber

Hillary attacks Uber to protect taxi cartels.    Hillary Clinton gave a speech warning that the new "sharing economy" of businesses such as the ride-hailing company Uber is "raising hard questions about workplace protections." Democrats hate what labor unions hate, and a taxi drivers' union hates Uber, too. Its NYC website proclaims, "Uber  ... MORE

Ronald Bailey: Chipotle Treats Customers Like Idiots

Trying to profit from bogus GMO fears.   In April, the high-class Mexican food chain Chipotle announced that it was going GMO-free. That is, the company would no longer use ingredients derived from modern biotech crops. Chipotle says it sells "food with integrity." The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines integrity as "the quality of being   ... MORE

TMZ: Macy's Fires Trump, Then Takes It In The Shorts

Gutless political correctness costs chain store.   Macy's is paying the price for sacking Donald Trump, because we've learned thousands of customers are cutting up their Macy's credit card in protest. Sources connected to the department store tell TMZ, Macy's has received complaints from approximately 30,000 customers since      ... MORE

John Stossel: Heroes, Villains

The real heroes of society.    Have you seen the new Jurassic Park movie, "Jurassic World?" It had the biggest opening of any movie in history. The movie tells how a reckless biotech company releases dinosaurs that kill its customers. Its tale of heroes vs. villains made me think about how America has changed since our independence, the anniversary of  ... MORE

Political Correctness On Parade: Walmart Store Bakes Man An ISIS Cake After Refusing To Ice Confederate Flag Design

by Sophie Jane Evans.  Walmart has been forced to apologize after it apparently agreed to bake an ISIS-themed cake for a Louisiana customer - just a day after refusing to create a Confederate battle flag cake for him. Chuck Netzhammer submitted a request for a cake featuring a photo of the Confederate flag, with the slogan 'Heritage Not Hate' printed  ... MORE

George Will: The 'Progressive' Burger Company

Social responsibility is a poor substitute for taste.  In January, McDonald’s said kale would never replace lettuce on its burgers. In May, however, it said it will test kale in a breakfast meal. Kale might or might not cause construction workers to turn at 6 a.m. into McDonald’s. McDonald’s also says its milk will soon be without artificial     ... MORE

John Stossel: A Right To Discriminate

Bake me a cake, or go to jail!   Sadly, that is the new message from "inclusive" America. If you don't want to cater, photograph, preside over, sell pizza at, sell flowers to or otherwise participate in a gay wedding, you will be punished. If you don't want your business to pay for a kind of birth control that you consider murder, you will pay fines until your  ... MORE

USPS - Where Customer Service Is Always Last

by Katie Kieffer.   Bang! Lee looked up from addressing a package while she waited in line for service at the post office. Despite a lobby packed with customers—without notice—a postal worker slammed down the service window gate and went to lunch, leaving Lee and the other patrons to fend for themselves. The U.S. Postal Service excels   ... MORE

Baylen Linnekin: Food Trucks Have Turned the Corner

Are we at the dawn of a new era for food trucks?    Food truck cuisine has often been about pushing boundaries. Think Korean tacos. But how about a cannabis-infused food truck? Earlier this year, NPR reported on the THC-infused pulled-pork sandwiches cooked up by a Denver food truck. Sound like a new era for food trucks? While cannabis   ... MORE

Why Conservatives Shouldn't Boycott Chipotle

by David Harsanyi.     For those of you who haven't heard, Chipotle Mexican Grill, which for years allowed local laws to dictate policy for the restaurant chain regarding open or concealed weapons, has decided to "ask" customers not to bring firearms into its restaurants after some zealous gun owners paraded around with "military-style assault  ... MORE

90% Of Frequent Business Travelers Give TSA Low Marks

Customer service a low priority of government.    Business travel blog Frequent Business Traveler has released the results of a poll conducted in partnership with FlyerTalk on the state of the United States Transportation Security Administration. The TSA, the governmental agency tasked with keeping American borders safe from terrorist threats   ... MORE

Jacob Hornberger: Should There Be A Federal Tipping Law?

Voluntarily doing the right thing. Suppose the Franklin Roosevelt administration had enacted a law in the 1930s that required every restaurant customer in America to pay a 15 percent tip to waiters. The argument in favor of such a law would have been twofold: to help the poor and to stimulate the economy by getting more money  ... MORE