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December 19, 2017

Is the FBI really unaware of how they’ve abused its own surveillance?

from TheDailySheeple: It’s amazing when the fox guards the chicken house, and it’s no more apparent than with the recent testimony before Congress by FBI Director Christopher Wray.
Government is Watching Every Move You Make

Twitter deploys censorship to combat "hate speech"

from Alternet: Unpopular ideas have no place on Twitter as website becomes PC echo chamber.
Indoctrination and Censorship   Media Bias on Parade

$15 minimum wage studies predict bleak future for California, Seattle

from TheGazette: California became the first state to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour, but that could mean the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, a report warned last week.
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market    Regulation Nation

The big con: The truth behind Net Neutrality and why the sky Is not falling

from TheDailyBell: An Obama era regulation which attempted to police businesses was repealed, paving the way for the free market to run its course.
Regulation Nation

California wildfires don’t have to be the new normal

from Mises: When land is privately owned, owners have strong incentives to maintain its long-term value. In the South, this means that owners monitor their land for concentrations of deadwood that could spark fires.
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market    Regulation Nation

Musician arrested, strip searched, thrown in jail for singing without a license 

from TheDailyBell: Insecure bully cops will arrest citizens for questioning their orders, and will charge them with “obstruction of justice.”
Regulation Nation   Police State America

Here’s How To Fix Flint’s Water System: Privatize It

by Adrian Moore.     Social media sites are awash in pictures of Flint’s awful water. Local children exposed to lead will likely face long term health consequences—and it appears that kids suffer from high lead levels in many Michigan cities. Amidst revelations that the state of Michigan made sure its Flint employees had clean water long before taking ... MORE

Is Politics Obsolete? How People Outpace Politicians

by Max Borders and Jeffery A. Tucker.     Hillary Clinton talks of cracking down on the gig economy. Donald Trump speaks of telling American corporations where they can and can’t do business abroad. Bernie Sanders says we have too many deodorant choices. They all speak about immigrants as if it were 1863. What the heck are these    ... MORE

Texas Town Sees 61% Drop in Crime After Kicking Out Cops

Private policing proves to better and costs less.   Rather than degenerate into a lawless land where criminals rule the streets, a Texas town that fired its entire police department has seen a 61% decrease is crime. In 2012, Sharpstown, a community of 66,000 located just southwest of Houston, declined to renew its contract with the constable’s   ... MORE

Too Many Federal Regulations Stifling Economic Recovery

by Thomas J. Donohue.    How do regulations stifle innovation? Let me count the ways. Across our economy, and in sector after sector, regulations put a stranglehold on innovation – in some cases stopping advancement in its tracks and in others preventing it from happening in the first place. Overregulation is a millstone around the neck of  ... MORE

USPS - Where Customer Service Is Always Last

by Katie Kieffer.   Bang! Lee looked up from addressing a package while she waited in line for service at the post office. Despite a lobby packed with customers—without notice—a postal worker slammed down the service window gate and went to lunch, leaving Lee and the other patrons to fend for themselves. The U.S. Postal Service excels   ... MORE

The Unintended Consequences Of Hiking Minimum Wage

by Allen R. Sanderson.    Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, among other city and state officials across the country, have recently proposed raising the minimum wage well beyond the current state-mandated levels of $9 an hour in California and $8.25 in Illinois. And public opinion polls generally show widespread     ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Privatize Everything

Only The Private Sector Stimulates Job Growth

by Chriss Street.        The mainstream media were shocked today when U.S. job growth continued at a very strong pace in November, despite the October government shutdown that ended on October 17th. Employers added 203,000 jobs and the reported unemployment rate fell from 7.3% to 7%, its lowest level since November 2008. Economists had      ... MORE

John Stossel: Thankful For Property

Thankfully avoiding the tragedy of the commons.        Had today's politicians and opinion-makers been in power four centuries ago, Americans might celebrate "Starvation Day" this week, not Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims started out with communal property rules. When they first settled at Plymouth, they were told: "Share everything, share   ... MORE

States Should Cut Taxes To Boost Economic Growth

by Ben Wilterdink.     There was a strong trend of states cutting taxes this year, with 18 states passing significant tax cuts into law during the 2013 legislative session. With one-third of the United States cutting taxes, it is clear economic growth has become a top priority for states that want to dig out of the dismal economy that followed the    ... MORE

Imagine If President Obama Ran Disneyworld

by Jeffrey Dorfman.       The federal government is moving closer and closer to taking control of the entire health care sector. It already controls close to half of all health care transactions and it might reach two-thirds soon. The federal government has also expanded its role regulating and controlling the food industry, the automobile      ... MORE

John Stossel - Privatize Everything

More freedom please.        The market is fine for some things, people will say, but other activities are too important to be left to the market. Or too complicated. Or too fundamental to our democracy. I say: Privatize everything. To some of you, that will sound callous -- but failure to privatize services, keeping them in government hands instead,   ... MORE