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Net Neutrality Is A Triumph of the Ruling Class

by Jeffrey Tucker.    A triumph of “free expression and democratic principles”? How stupid do they think we are?     It’s been painful to watch the gradual tightening of government control in the name of net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission’s decision to rewrite the rules and declare the Internet as a public utility seals the  ... MORE

FCC Chair Appears To Be Hellbent On Internet Takeover

by Andrew Johnson.      Two prominent House committee chairs are “deeply disappointed” in Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler for refusing to testify before Congress as “the future of the Internet is at stake.” Wheeler’s refusal to go before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday comes on the eve of the FCC’s vote on ... MORE

Jeffrey Folks: Obama's Plan To Snatch Your Savings

The next stop on the path to socialism.       In his first term, Obama managed to get his paws on health care, banking, energy, student loans, the auto business, and more.  Now he has his sights set on your 401(k). The left has had its eye on retirement savings for years, but so far takeover attempts have been rebuffed.  One    ... MORE

Imagine If President Obama Ran Disneyworld

by Jeffrey Dorfman.       The federal government is moving closer and closer to taking control of the entire health care sector. It already controls close to half of all health care transactions and it might reach two-thirds soon. The federal government has also expanded its role regulating and controlling the food industry, the automobile      ... MORE

California City Tramples Property, Contract Rights

by Bob Barr.       It’s easy to make fun of California, the “Land of Fruits and Nuts,” with its history of “flower power” and its “fragrance free zones”; where environmental whackos are exalted, and Second Amendment supporters demonized. What is not humorous, however, are efforts by officials in the Golden State to use the power of      ... MORE

Jeff Greenlee: We Are All Libertarians Now

The dark, dirty (but not-so-little) secret.   Less than two months after Barack Obama's inauguration, Newsweek ran a cover story written by its editor, Jon Meacham, with the title "We Are All Socialists Now." The giddy faux-journalists in the predominately leftist media were still intoxicated from the Novermber 2008 victory parties, achieved after easily  ... MORE