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Here’s How To Fix Flint’s Water System: Privatize It

by Adrian Moore.     Social media sites are awash in pictures of Flint’s awful water. Local children exposed to lead will likely face long term health consequences—and it appears that kids suffer from high lead levels in many Michigan cities. Amidst revelations that the state of Michigan made sure its Flint employees had clean water long before taking ... MORE

Taxpayers And Property Rights Win In Rams Move To LA

by Raymond J Nhan.      Eminent domain and public funded statia. Recent news of the Los Angeles Rams is a win-win-win for the NFL and taxpayers in Los Angeles and St. Louis. Though citizens of the Gateway City may feel differently right now, they just avoided a massive waste of taxpayer funds and a series of eminent domain abuses. And the   ... MORE

A. Barton Hinkle: When Eminent Domain Is Just Theft

Say you buy a car.     Drive it around for five years, get plenty of use out of it. Then one day you decide you paid way too much. You really should have paid half what you did. Or even less. So you go back to the dealership and say the car is worth less now, and you want a refund. Think you’d get it? Precisely. Yet this is just the kind of stunt     ... MORE

New York Toddlers Cram For Kindergarten Entrance Exam

by Gary North.    At age 4, kids are expert test-takers. They have to be. If they don’t score well, they will have to attend a public school. Yes, a public school. A New York City public school. The kid is doomed. Rich parents dread the thought. At $30,000 for kindergarten, there is still intense competition. Think of $400,000 for a kid’s education,   ... MORE