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J.D. Tuccille: Check Out On Your Own Terms

Tragic or self-empowering?     Every couple of years, some well-intentioned scribbler pens a hand-wringer about the national tragedy of suicide among the elderly. "Suicide rate for elderly men is alarming," noted Dennis Streets in the Chatham Journal last month. "Suicide rates are high among the elderly," cautioned Paula Span in a 2013 New York   ... MORE

Wayne Winegarden: Treating Alzheimer's With Regulations

Bureaucracy stands in the way of the best treatment.   The U.S. health care system is rife with rising costs and stagnating quality. All too often, the cure for these ailments calls for ever greater government intervention. Such cures misdiagnose the problem. The health care system’s problems are caused by too little patient control, not   ... MORE

Thomas Sowell - Cheap Politicians

We get what we pay for.   Now that the National Football League has apparently learned that it can be costly to hire cheap officials, perhaps the rest of us should learn the same lesson when it comes to government officials, whose bad calls can do a lot more damage. What do we do when we want a better car, a better home or a better bottle of wine?      ... MORE