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February 15, 2018

Trump proposes eliminating federal funding for PBS, NPR

fromTheHill: Just because leftwing media channels are not supported by the free market doesn't mean taxpayers should have to do it.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery     Media Bias on Parade

How much privacy do you have when you buy marijuana in California?

fromPolitiFact: Not much and yes, the feds can still bust you if they please.
The War on Unapproved Voluntary Exchange

Andrew Napolitano: Attorney General Loretta Lynch and a parting shot at personal freedom

fromFoxNews: President Barack Obama delivered perhaps his harshest blow to constitutional freedom by permitting his attorney general to circumvent the Fourth Amendment.
Individual Liberty: America's First Principle     The Government is Not Us

Elon Musk and yet another year of magical thinking

fromZeroHedge: Elon Musk’s ventures have reportedly vacuumed in around $5 billion in federal subsidies. He is clearly a government parasite.
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market

The left is conditioning college students to hate free speech

fromWND: Only when opposing speech is banned can politically correct nitwittery prevail.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery     Indoctrination and Censorship

Surprise! Dershowitz 'biggest enemies' not who you think

fromWND: Harvard prof says group poses 'great danger to the American future'.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

Thomas Sowell: Desperate Tactics

Why Ted?  It is desperation time for the Republican party establishment. Its extremely well financed favorite — Jeb Bush — never got anywhere with the voters in the primaries, and has already been forced out of the contest. This should at least cause some second thoughts — or perhaps first thoughts — by people who keep repeating that money buys  ... MORE

John Stossel: Regulating The Future

Government pretends it's the cause of progress.       Then it strangles innovation. We know government understands that new technologies are important. The military invests in robots and traffic cops use radar guns. But when the rest of us use robots or fly drones, government gets eager to put rules in place before things get   ... MORE

John Stossel: Robot Cars

A safer way to travel.     The Tesla S is the closest thing to a totally driverless car available now. I had to leave my state to test-drive it. New York's archaic laws forbid taking both hands off the wheel. Once outside New York, the Tesla representative in the passenger seat had me turn on the autopilot. Suddenly, I was doing nothing. The car drove    ... MORE

John Stossel: Bettors Beat The Pundits

Who puts their money where their mouth is?     Want to know who the next president will be? Don't trust polls or pundits. Betting odds at are the best predictor of who will win any election. Pundits have a terrible track record. Last election, Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris forecast a Romney "landslide." Rush Limbaugh  ... MORE

Teenagers Are Losing Confidence In The American Dream

by Joe Pinsker.   As government grows, the private economy shrinks. In 1996, when asked a series of questions about the brightness of her future, one high-school senior in an unnamed Midwestern state said, “There’s been extraordinary examples of people that have been poor and stuff that have risen to the top just from their personal hard work … not   ... MORE

'Atlas Shrugged Reimagined By Mickey Mouse'

by Charles Paul Freund.    Brad Bird's Tomorrowland is "the most insidiously political blockbuster ever made," writes Barry Hertz at Toronto's Globe and Mail. Like Ayn Rand, Hertz argues, director Bird "pines for worlds where incredible people can be free to do incredible things, and to hell with everyone else." This is a theme that some of Bird's     ... MORE

Michael Zennie: Hillary Mocked By Rand Paul After Almost Every Democrat She Campaigned With LOST In Midterms

Hillary's inconvenient truth.        Tuesday night's victory for the Republicans wasn't just a blow to President Barack Obama - it was also a knock on Hillary Clinton, who campaigned for almost all of the candidates who lost Democratic US Senate seats on Tuesday. And Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a likely challenger to Clinton in the 2016 presidential   ... MORE

Unless Political Correctness Ends, America Dies

by Tim Powers.   America was founded on rugged individualism and a drive to keep all people free. What has happened to a great nation that created the industrial revolution, was the leader in technology, and the captain of industry? What has happened to a great nation that suffered greatly during the Great Depression and stock market crash    ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Obama's Deficient Student Loan Plan

Another expensive vote-buying scheme.        The government normally doesn't care whether you or I accumulate large bills for home improvement, a new car or exotic vacations. But Barack Obama feels no hesitation in concluding that the cost of higher education has placed "too big a debt load on too many young people." Therefore,      ... MORE

John Stossel: Here Comes Tomorrow

Robots will make our future better.      Ray Kurzweil — inventor of things like machines that turn text into speech — has popularized the idea that we are rapidly approaching "the singularity," the point at which machines not only think for themselves but develop intellectually faster than we. At that point, maybe we no longer talk about "human   ... MORE

John Stossel: Good News

Are you worried about the future?      It's hard not to be. If you watch the news, you mostly see violence, disasters, danger. Some in my business call it "fear porn" or "pessimism porn." People like the stuff; it makes them feel alive and informed. Of course, it's our job to tell you about problems. If a plane crashes — or disappears — that's news.  ... MORE

Veronique de Rugy: The Kids Aren't All Right

Suffocated by gov't spending, subsidies and debt.      A word of caution for kids heading off to college this year: Your degree may be worth less and cost more than you think. Your job prospects will likely be grim, whether or not you get that sheepskin. Oh, and you're on the hook for trillions in federal debt racked up by your parents and   ... MORE

John Stossel: Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Technology

Technology keeps making the world better.     Invent something and the first thing that goes through some people's minds -- especially politicians' minds -- is what might go wrong. 3D printers now allow you to mold objects right in your living room, using patterns you find online. It's a revolutionary invention that will save time, reduce shipping     ... MORE

Stella Morabito: The Dynamics Of Tyranny

I am he as you are he and you are me and ...       Before George Orwell wrote 1984, there was Yevgeny Zamyatin's We. If you're not acquainted with Zamyatin's novel, you will find it an extraordinary study on the dynamics of tyranny. Zamyatin, a Russian, wrote We around 1921. It was immediately banned by the Soviet censorship board, but   ... MORE