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John Cleese: Political Correctness Is Killing Comedy

Oversensitivity will be the death of free expression.    Monty Python member John Cleese has become the latest comedy legend to wade into the shark-infested waters that is the debate over political correctness in comedy. In a video for commentary website Big Think, Cleese warns that oversensitivity from political correctness is hurting comedy and   ... MORE

Copyrights & Patents Have Become A Religion

by Tim Cushing.   If you've read Techdirt for any length of time, you'll have noticed that intellectual property laws have been decoupled from logic for several years now. Because the entities heavily-reliant on IP protections (and who mostly serve as gatekeepers and middlemen, rather than perform any creative work of their own) have trouble    ... MORE

Nick Gillespie: 10 Really Successful Potheads

Marijuana users are lazy, unmotivated slackers?       A few weeks ago, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said that there is no "responsible way to recreationally use marijuana." Rubio's statement isn't wrong because it's unpopular. Plenty of people on every part of the political spectrum believe what he believes. It's wrong because it is flatly ... MORE

Matt Kibbe: 'You Can't Have Freedom for Free'

On Rush, Ayn Rand, and Not Compromising.      In 1977, I bought my first Rush album. I was 13. The title of the disc was 2112, and the foldout jacket had a very cool and ominous red star on the cover. As soon as I got it home from the store, I carefully placed that vinyl record onto the felt-padded turntable of my parents’ old Motorola console   ... MORE

Gary M. Gales: The Clenched Fist & The General Welfare

A clenched fist cannot create.     If we asked what we want government to do to advance the general welfare, the answer boils down to determining what advantages accrue from organizing people and resources via government power as opposed to allowing them to organize voluntarily. Of course, government has no resources it has not     ... MORE