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February 14, 2018

Game over – Judge Jeanine interview with HPSCI Rep. Chris Stewart…

fromTheLastRefugee: The game is over. The jig is up. Victory is certain… the trench was ignited… the enemy funneled themselves into the valley… all bait was taken… everything from here on out is simply mopping up the details.  All suspicions confirmed.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

Why the origins of political correctness should frighten you

fromTheWashingtonExaminer: Ignoring the fact that political correctness has its origins in the Left is a way to distract against its pervasive presence at universities.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

2 Baltimore detectives convicted of racketeering, robbery

fromNewser: The police force's Gun Trace Task Force was actually made up of thugs with badges who stole cash, resold looted narcotics and lied under oath to cover their tracks.
Justice is a Result, Not Just a Process      Police State America

VIDEO: Jordan Peterson - The Left's Mask of Virtue

fromLibertyPen/YouTube: After rejecting a massive network of surveillance cameras and tracking devices, Seattle residents are now being forced to pay for the removal of the invasive equipment.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery    Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

Seattle to remove controversial city spying network after public backlash

fromActivistPost: After rejecting a massive network of surveillance cameras and tracking devices, Seattle residents are now being forced to pay for the removal of the invasive equipment.
Government is Watching Every Move You Make       Police State America

The Clinton Crime Family – Part 1 Everything you ever wanted to know about the Clinton’s financial empire.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

7 Bad Laws Undone By Good Jurors

A proud tradition of doing right when the law is wrong.  What is Jury Nullification? You won’t find it defined in your dictionary or described in your encyclopedia. You weren’t taught about it in school, and indeed it is even considered a crime to tell other people about it in some circumstances. Imagine that for a moment – it is a crime to   ... MORE

VIDEO: People Who Keep The System Of Slavery In Place

Live your life with morality. Don't just follow orders.

Mitchell Feinberg: On The Moral Use Of "Smart Drugs"

Smart is good.  Cognitive enhancement drugs (CEDs), such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Provigil, are most commonly known for their use in treating patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But these drugs, often called “smart drugs,” can profoundly enhance a perfectly healthy person’s ability to sustain concentration and thus     ... MORE

Wendy McElroy: Why the Lights of America are Dimming

You cannot create passion and talent.  But you can destroy them. When people are punished for their virtues, such as the drive to excel and to work hard, then passion and talent become liabilities. Sometimes people persist for the sheer joy of creation, for the fulfillment of doing work they love. Because that's when the magic happens,   ... MORE

I, Dinner — A Capitalism Lesson Over Burgers And A Beer

by Todd Skelton.      A learning moment. Each week, I take my little family out to dinner in a neighborhood restaurant. It’s nothing fancy, just your standard pub fare.   On one such outing, my kids started grilling me about which charities we support. I ask what’s behind these questions and it turns out the kids had been learning about charitable giving      ... MORE

J.D. Tuccille: Does Police Work Involve Special 'Bravery'?

A job less risky than cab driver.       It's good to excel at your job—and if that excellence involves protecting the innocent and rescuing children, so much the better. Good stuff. But if we're going to recognize individuals who have done awesome things, is it entirely necessary to lavishly spread the praise so that their entire trade is stroked as  ... MORE

Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense Of Masculine Virtues

by Bart Weiss.       'What you're seeing is how a civilization commits suicide," says Camille Paglia. This self-described "notorious Amazon feminist" isn't telling anyone to Lean In or asking Why Women Still Can't Have It All. No, her indictment may be as surprising as it is wide-ranging: The military is out of fashion, Americans undervalue manual     ... MORE

John W. Whitehead: Kennedy Was Right

We are the heirs of the First Revolution.     The year was 1961. I was fourteen years old, the only child of blue-collar workers living in Peoria, Illinois. Lacking any great understanding of the winds of change that were blowing through our nation and the world, I sat transfixed in front of our small black-and-white television as John F. Kennedy  ... MORE

Why Mistrust Of Government Is Good

An insightful interview with Penn Jillette.     Question: Why is it important to mistrust the government? Penn Jillette: I believe that our country, uniquely for the time, was founded on mistrust for the government, which is such a heady and beautiful idea. The idea that we have all the rights in the world. We have complete and utter    ... MORE

Jay D. Homnick: Uncle Sam Finds His Snitch

The IRS invents a whole new kind of tax refund.   My attitude to the second Obama administration is captured in the old joke about Bertha who gets on the New York-to-Chicago Greyhound bus and asks the driver to let her know when they get to Cleveland. She keeps loudly reminding him every half-hour or so until he is ready to pull his hair out. But he    ... MORE

Daren Jonescu: America: The Home Of The...Compliant?

From home of the brave to a nation of sheep. If you want a quick measure of the state of American society, you might consider the federal government's use of unmanned aerial drones to monitor U.S. citizens, and in particular the EPA's matter-of-fact defense of its use of drones over the Midwest as necessary to "verify compliance" with environmental   ... MORE

Walter E Willliams: Immoral Beyond Redemption

Perhaps we are debating the wrong issue?    Benjamin Franklin, statesman and signer of our Declaration of Independence, said: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." John Adams, another signer, echoed a similar statement: "Our Constitution was made only     ... MORE