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Nov 17, 2018

Rand Paul: Next A.G. must defend individual liberty from power-hungry deep state

fromBreitbart: Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) offered his thoughts on who should replace former Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an interview with Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption    Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

The Pentagon fails its first comprehensive audit

fromReason: According to Deputy Secretary Patrick Shanahan, no one expected it to pass anyway.
Defense Versus The War Machine

Venezuela is rolling out a new ID card manufactured in China that can track, reward, and punish citizens

fromBusinessInsider: The ID transmits data about cardholders to government computer servers, and is increasingly linked to subsidized food, health, and other social programs most Venezuelans rely on to survive.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

CNN’s Acosta back at White House after judge’s ruling

fromAP: Anti-Trump reporter Jim Acosta, CNN’s chief White House correspondent, was back in the saddle this afternoon. However, the White House said it would be developing new rules for orderly press conferences.
Media Bias on Parade

US gov’t accidentally reveals they’re charging Julian Assange

fromFreeThoughtProject: The US government accidentally copied and pasted information from sealed documents indicating that they have already charged Julian Assange for his journalism.
Justice is a Result, Not Just a Process

British school bans expensive coats so poor students won't 'feel stigmatized'

fromReason: Bans like these just encourage a victim mentality.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

Mary Ramirez: I’m Done Apologizing For Being White

And you should be too.   I’ve often been told I have no right to write about race. I’ve also been told that I pompously “think I have a right” to write about race just because I married a Mexican. And you know what? Often I find myself second guessing nine-tenths of what I say because, undoubtedly I’ll say something that someone somewhere will     ... MORE

Steve Chapman: The Case For The "Right To Die"

A basic right of self-ownership. Life is a gift that can also become an intolerable burden. For those afflicted with terminal diseases, the grim approach of death is accompanied by what, for some, is the unbearable prospect of pain, confusion and helplessness. If death can't be avoided, they would like to decide how and when it comes. With them in  ... MORE

Nick Gillespie: Finally, An Anonymous, Online, Geo-Tagged System To Report Dastardly Microaggressions At College!

Nitwittery run amok.     I realize that simply by saying that you've probably heard of microaggressions, I'm likely committing one. For the uninitiated, microaggressions are "are statements by a person from a privileged group that belittles or isolates a member of an unprivileged group, as it relates to race, class, gender, sexual orientation,    ... MORE

American Idol: The Death of America’s First Black Father

by Kira Davis.   American pop culture is filled with darlings. “America’s Sweetheart” has been everyone from the original 1920’s Sweetheart Mary Pickford (actually a Canadian) to Sandra Bullock to Jennifer Lawrence. “America’s Little Sister” was precocious Laura Ingalls. “America’s Mom” was ever-kind and tidy June Cleaver. But it was “America’s Dad”  ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Poverty And Snow Storms

The exit route is obscured.     Many years ago, in upstate New York, there was a lady who was caught in a fierce snow storm that produced conditions called a "whiteout." That's when the snow is falling so thick and fast that all you can see in any direction is just sheer white. This lady wandered around in the storm, struggling to try to get home,    ... MORE

Is Obama A Victim Of Self-Esteem Education?

by Jonathon Moseley.    I never understood Barack Obama -- or even some of my friends -- until I read The Amateur by Edward Klein (Regnery Publishing 2012 -- paperback June 13, 2013). But first you also need to remember the plague of "self-esteem" based education. And finally it all makes sense. The self-esteem movement hurt our public        ... MORE

John Stossel: True Grit

Are you a real man (or woman)?      Do you have "grit"? Compare yourself to the man on the $20 bill: Andrew Jackson, our seventh president. During the Revolutionary War, Jackson volunteered to fight. He was just 13 years old at the time. The British captured him and made him a servant for British officers. When one ordered Jackson to   ... MORE

Joel F. Wade: Phony Vs. Earned Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a result, not a vehicle.    A study by Jean Twenge of San Diego State University, published in the current issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science, is getting a lot of news this week. Twenge found that college kids today are more likely to call themselves gifted and driven to succeed, while their test scores and hours    ... MORE