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Trump Movement Is Backlash Against Political Correctness

by Robby Soave.  Stephen Baldwin—the actor, outspoken conservative, and brother of Alec Baldwin—supports Donald Trump for president, and his main reason is this: Trump is against political correctness. "The first policy of his that I favor is this guy is gonna take a stand when it comes to the BS of the PC—the political correctness," said Baldwin in an interview  ... MORE

Political Correctness Nightmare: An NAACP Leader Uses F-Word To Apologize For Using T-Word After N-Word Meet

by Olaf Ekberg.      The NAACP’s mission of political correctness and equality careened off the rails this week when a local president complimented a TV reporters breasts during an interview. Don Harris, the president of the Maricopa County Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, had just finished an event  ... MORE

Victor Davis Hanson: The Oldest Divide - Urban Vs. Rural

The freedom culture is outnumbered.  Of all the growing divides in America—red-blue, conservative-liberal, Republican-Democrat, white-nonwhite—none is sharper than that between city and country. The nation’s urbanites increasingly govern those living in the hinterlands, even as vanishing rural Americans still feed and fuel the nation. At the  ... MORE

The Creative Destruction Of Nudity In Playboy Magazine

by Sarah Skwire.       Playboy has finally found a new way to shock and titillate America.The magazine has announced that it will no longer feature full nudity. Instead, it will be moving toward a partially clad, cheesecake pin-up style.When I heard the news, I immediately wondered what the great economist Joseph Schumpeter would have made  ... MORE

Gov't Spent $3.5 Million To Study Why Lesbians Are So Fat

by Elizabeth Harrington.   The dreaded low self-esteem rears its ugly head. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has now spent over $3.5 million to determine why the majority of lesbians are obese. The project, now entering its fifth year, received another grant worth $658,485 this summer. The total funding for the research is now $3,531,925.   ... MORE

Nick Gillespie: Finally, An Anonymous, Online, Geo-Tagged System To Report Dastardly Microaggressions At College!

Nitwittery run amok.     I realize that simply by saying that you've probably heard of microaggressions, I'm likely committing one. For the uninitiated, microaggressions are "are statements by a person from a privileged group that belittles or isolates a member of an unprivileged group, as it relates to race, class, gender, sexual orientation,    ... MORE

Why Did Chris Rock Stop Performing For Students?

by Robby Soave.    Everything offends them. There's plenty to dissect in Frank Rich's comprehensive interview with Chris Rock. The comedian covers everything from Bill Cosby (he hopes the allegations are false) to the federal bailout of the auto industry (he was against it). I found Rock's remarks about why he no longer performs at college campuses   ... MORE

American Idol: The Death of America’s First Black Father

by Kira Davis.   American pop culture is filled with darlings. “America’s Sweetheart” has been everyone from the original 1920’s Sweetheart Mary Pickford (actually a Canadian) to Sandra Bullock to Jennifer Lawrence. “America’s Little Sister” was precocious Laura Ingalls. “America’s Mom” was ever-kind and tidy June Cleaver. But it was “America’s Dad”  ... MORE

L. Brent Bozell: Here Come the Indian Mascot Killers

Scalping free speech.    Anyone who thinks the cultural left is going to stop its political correctness with the Washington Redskins isn't reading USA Today. On the top of their Sports front page on July 22, the paper reported on activists taking a stand against "redface," championing a group called Eradicating Offensive Indian Mascotry. The thought   ... MORE

VIDEO: Should Marijuana Be Legal?

Frank Luntz queries a national television focus group.

Political Correctness And The Slavery Of ObamaCare

by Ben S. Carson.  When I was in high school in Detroit, there was a great deal of emphasis on clothing. As I became increasingly interested in fitting in with the “in crowd,” fashion supplanted academic achievement in my hierarchy of importance. My grades plummeted and I became a person who was less pleasant and more self-absorbed.       ... MORE

DEA: "Every Single Parent" Opposes Pot Legalization

by Nick Gillespie. Except for the ones that don't. Thomas Harrigan (pictured) is deputy administrator of the Drug Enforcement Adminstration (DEA). Yesterday, reports The Huffington Post, he told the House Services Committee that "Marijuana destroys lives and families, undermines our economy, and insults our common values."  ... MORE

Six Year Old Suspended For Mini Cheddars In Lunchbox

by Harriet Arkell.       Chronic healthy eating violator apprehended by authorities. A six-year-old boy who went to school with a bag of Mini Cheddars in his packed lunch has been suspended for four days after teachers said it contravened its healthy eating policy. Riley Pearson, from Colnbrook, near Slough, was excluded from Colnbrook C of E     ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Christmas Books - The Gift Of Clarity

Great winter reads.     As Christmas approaches, the shopping mall can become a shopping maul. One of the ways of buying gifts for family and friends, without becoming part of a mob scene in the stores, is to shop on the Internet. However, for many kinds of gifts, you want to be able to see it directly, and perhaps handle it, before you part with your      ... MORE

Daren Jonescu Explains The Reign Of Idiots And Criminals

"The American majority has, it sadly seems, been insulated against all moral shock by generations of public education, moronic popular entertainment, and a carefully cultivated mass cynicism that responds to all outrages with a shrug and a chorus of “They all do it.”