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Sign Regulations And The Threat To Free Speech

by S.M. Oliva.      In 2006, auto shop owner Wayne Weatherbee decided to expand his business by purchasing a vacant lot that had once held another auto shop dating back to the 1940s. But zoning officials in the city of Clermont, Florida, determined that Weatherbee's plans for the lot clashed with the city's aesthetic agenda and zoning regulations,   ... MORE

Alyssa Berlin: NYC Cracks Down On Sidewalk Cafes

Just in time for summer.      Forget the great outdoors. The Department of Consumer Affairs has sent notice to 17 New York restaurants, telling them that that they will have to close their sidewalk seating areas unless they are willing to comply with the city’s zoning regulations. “Please be advised you have 100 business days   ... MORE

Mark J. Fitzgibbons: A Property Rights Revolution For 2013

Bureaucratic bullying on steroids.  A previously apolitical organic farmer in Virginia has set off a property rights revolution that would make Founders Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and author of Virginia's Declaration of Rights George Mason proud. Martha Boneta had a business license for her tiny farm store in scenic Paris, Virginia,  ... MORE

Brian Phillips: Zoning Versus The Internet

The key to success is freedom.     The stated purpose of zoning is to control land use within a community to prevent “incompatible” land uses and to promote planning. Most Americans accept zoning as a “necessary evil” that prevents pawn shops and factories from operating in residential neighborhoods. Most Americans are, to paraphrase Benjamin     ... MORE

VIDEO: Zoning vs. Eminent Domain

How Ventura County Shut Down The Pine Mountain Inn.