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June 7, 2019

Congress proposes legislation to screen adults and children to predict if you pose a threat

fromFreeThoughtProject: The TAPS Act would encourage law enforcement to give everyone a personal threat assessment (kids and adults) and single out those that they deem as future threats.   
Government is Watching Every Move You Make        Police State America

Republicans join Democrats to kill Rand Paul's Pennies Plan because no one cares about the debt

fromWashingtonExaminer: It wouldn't solve our debt crisis, but it would ameliorate it somewhat. So naturally, a large bipartisan majority voted to block it from the Senate floor.  
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market

VIDEO: Don Boudreaux - Why Free Trade is ALWAYS Best Policy

fromLibertyPen/YouTube: Economist Don Boudreaux eloquently explains how, despite the economic policies of other countries, free trade is always the most beneficial policy for the citizens. 
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market

Hey Trump: Remember Wikileaks?

fromRonPaulInstitute: Governments hate it when the truth is told about them. They prefer to kill the messenger rather than face the message.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

Watchdog says FBI has access to about 640M photographs

fromAP: A government watchdog says the FBI has access to about 640 million photographs — including from driver’s licenses, passports and mugshots — that can be searched using facial recognition technology.  
April 11, 2016

The slippery slope to a Constitution-free America

fromCreators: The ease with which Americans accept routine invasions of their privacy and the dismantling of every constitutional right intended to serve as a bulwark against government abuses is beyond unnerving. 
The Government is Not Us     Police State America   

Congress should stop ‘policing for profit’

fromOCRegister: For decades, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have been free to seize the property of Americans without so much as bringing criminal charges. It's legalized theft. 
Police State America

DHS wants to create profiles of journalists and “media influencers” who mention its name

fromActivistPost: The Department of Homeland Security wants to compile an extensive database on journalists, editors, foreign correspondents, and bloggers to identify top “media influencers” who mention its name. 
Government is Watching Every Move You Make

Has the war party hooked Trump?

fromCreators: The sole beneficiaries of the gas attacks in Salisbury and Syria appear to be the War Party. 
Defense Versus The War Machine

‘Another false flag’: Fmr Congressman Ron Paul on Syrian gas attack

fromTheFreeThoughtProject: Former congressman Ron Paul weighed in on the alleged gas attack which took place in Syria and noted how the deep state will use this likely false flag to push the US into another senseless war. 
Defense Versus The War Machine

If Laura Ingraham goes down for 'bullying,' you're next!

fromCreators: If Ingraham is a "bully," what do you call MSNBC's caustic, Trump-hating lineup of hosts?  
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery     Media Bias on Parade

Demand Congress Back Down On Privacy Intrusion

by Ron Paul.     The FBI tells us that its demand for a back door into the iPhone is all about fighting terrorism, and that it is essential to break in just this one time to find out more about the San Bernardino attack last December. But the truth is they had long sought a way to break Apple’s iPhone encryption and, like 9/11 and the Patriot Act, a mass   ... MORE

Joel Kurtinitis: Ted Cruz’s Quiet Coup In Iowa

The process of discovery.    I came home exhausted on Caucus night, just as I had many other nights in the year leading up to our first-in-the-nation nominating contest. As a veteran of the Ron Paul revolution, I considered myself a hardened political warrior, charging the trenches of the establishment and lobbing internet hand grenades at     ... MORE

Stop Expecting Rand Paul To Be Ron Paul

by Eric July.    Libertarian elitism is something that truly annoys me, but it really shows itself when we have these Rand Paul vs. Ron Paul discussions during our current election cycle. Do not get me wrong, it isn’t completely absurd that someone would compare a man to his father. But if one is alluding to an expectation that Rand is supposed to be   ... MORE

Ron Paul: The Seamless Web Of Liberty

Toward a free society.        Many people think the Internal Revenue Service was violating civil liberties when it harassed tea party groups. After all, the groups were targeted because they wanted to exercise their civil liberty to challenge government policies. However, the specific issue in the IRS case was the groups’ application for tax-exempt status, ... MORE

Wash Post: "The Libertarian Moment Is Over, Or Is It?"

by Nick Gillespie.      Former Reason staffer David Weigel, now at the Washington Post, looks at Rand Paul's sagging fortunes in the run for the Republican presidential nomination and writes: One year ago, in a flag-planting cover story for the New York Times magazine, Robert Draper asked whether a “libertarian moment” had come at last.       ... MORE

Nick Gillespie: Ron Paul Endorses Rand

The "only one who is standing up for your liberty."  Should the son inherit the votes of the father? Ron Paul, the former congressman and presidential candidate who sparked a libertarian "revolution" during his last two bids for the White House, is endorsing his son, Sen. Rand Paul, for president. In a letter that Paul campaign insiders say is "going out ... MORE

Brian Doherty: Rand Paul Vs The Libertarians

Is libertarian-ish good enough?      James Hohmann at Politico last week quotes me and some other people publicly associated with libertarianism to discuss where Rand Paul the presidential candidate stands in libertarian terms. His central thesis is that Paul is, in his own self-framing, declaring himself at best (in libertarian terms) merely  ... MORE

VIDEO: Walter Block - What Is Libertarianism?

Why No Real Change Is Likely: Ron Paul Supporters Bolt Rand Paul Camp In Response To Mainstream Concessions

by Ben Schreckinger.   As he pulls together his expected presidential campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire, Sen. Rand Paul is confronted by defections from an unexpected quarter: the die-hard idealists whose energy powered his father’s campaigns. That network of committed supporters was expected to convey to Paul, the natural successor  ... MORE

Has the ‘Libertarian Moment’ Finally Arrived?

by Robert Draper.     “Let’s say Ron Paul is Nirvana,” said Kennedy, the television personality and former MTV host, by way of explaining the sort of politician who excites libertarians like herself. “Like, the coolest, most amazing thing to come along in years, and the songs are nebulous but somehow meaningful, and the lead singer kills himself to   ... MORE

Brian Doherty: Rand Paul/Ron Paul Disconnect On Drugs

Rand takes the incremental approach.          One of Ron Paul's defining moments on the national stage--vivid proof that this is a very different kind of character we are dealing with here, in a great way--was when, at the first 2012 cycle Republican presidential candidate debate in May 2011, he mocked the notion that legalizing heroin was a      ... MORE

Ron Paul: 'I Would Think' Rand Is Running In 2016

by Jane C. Timm.        Hey Dad, is Rand running for president in 2016? “I would think so, he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing, but I haven’t had a conversation of what your plan is,” Paul said on Morning Joe. “He’s been pretty independent.” Kentucky’s Tea Party darling Sen. Rand Paul is already being floated as a potential 2016 candidate for the      ... MORE