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February 20, 2018

Victor Davis Hansen: Understanding the California Mind

fromAmericanGreatness: In California, civilization is speeding in reverse—well aside from the decrepit infrastructure, dismal public schools, and sky-high home prices.
The Government is Not Us     Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

"Now, the reckoning comes" - the media-created Russia-collusion story collapses

fromZero-Hedge: The press has played an active role in the Trump-Russia collusion story since its inception. It helped birth it...
Media Bias on Parade      Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

Study: thanks to fracking, we don’t need Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) to meet Paris climate target

fromWattsUpWithThat: Even without the clean power plan, US can achieve Paris Agreement emissions reductions. CMU researchers point out that there are many paths to compliance.
Regulation Nation

VIDEO: Milton Friedman - Empowering Parents for Better Schools

fromLibertyPen/YouTube: Professor Friedman makes the case that parents are more vested in the education of their children than faceless bureaucrats.
Indoctrination and Censorship

Marijuana criminal cases dropped en masse by Philadelphia district attorney

fromNBC10: The new DA's message to police who arrest people for simple pot possession: We're going to drop the charges. Who needs jury nullification when the prosecutor saves us the trouble?
Justice is a Result, Not Just a Process      The War on Unapproved Voluntary Exchange

Mueller indictment - The "Russian influence" Is a commercial marketing scheme

fromMoonofAlabama: What is described was a small commercial marketing scheme which ran click-bait websites to generate advertisement revenue and created online crowds.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

William L Schachte: A Declaration Of Energy Independence

Ending dependence on foreign oil. The United States is closer than ever before to fulfilling the vision of our Founding Fathers. By achieving energy independence, we can achieve freedom from foreign influence. Yet on the basis of alarmist and groundless claims, the Obama administration is balking on two key elements of this new energy security:      ... MORE

Daniel Kish: Santa Comes Early Bearing Gift of $2 Gas

Are oil companies less greedy or what?  For most Americans, the annual Christmas journey to grandma’s house will be less expensive this year. Gas prices are at their lowest levels in five years, thanks largely to booming domestic oil production on state and private lands. That surge promises to put more money in our pockets—and perhaps more  ... MORE

Ed Feulner: Why Gasoline Prices Are Down

And how we can keep them that way.       If you’re like most Americans, you haven’t been questioning the welcome drop in gasoline prices. You just fill ‘er up and feel grateful that you’re spending less. Why has this remarkable drop come about? And what can we do to help keep prices lower? Some of it, unfortunately, is beyond our control.   ... MORE

Shale Revolution Deniers Face Inconvenient Truth

by Mark Perry.    Peak what? Despite turning the U.S. into the world's largest producer of natural gas and driving a 3 million barrel per day surge in U.S. oil production in just the last three years, the shale revolution still has its doubters. They couldn't be more wrong. The Montreal-based Centre for Research on Globalization recently dismissed shale   ... MORE

Katie Kieffer: One Year of Fracking in CO. Creates More Jobs Than Has Obama’s Entire Economy For Millennials

If only government got out of the way.     Fracking in the state of Colorado during the year 2012 created 111,000 jobs whereas Barack Obama’s entire economy has only generated 110,000 jobs for Millennials since 2007. What is wrong with our president? Does he suffer from a migraine headache or is he simply refusing to think straight?     ... MORE

Richard Rahn: How Fracking Saved Obama

The only thing keeping economy afloat.     Without fracking of oil and gas deposits, there would have been no economic growth in the U.S. over the past five years. Yet the oil and gas industry has been a favorite whipping boy of the environmental zealots both inside and outside of the administration. Without those brilliant entrepreneurs and     ... MORE

U.S. To Become Bigger Oil Producer Than Saudi Arabia

The glory of fracking.       Hector Gallegos sits in the cab of his pick-up enjoying a few hours of calm. A day earlier, workers finished carting off the huge rig that had drilled three new wells beneath this small patch of south Texas farmland and he’s now getting ready to prime them for production. He reckons that about three weeks from now    ... MORE

Flood Of Regulations Coming From Obama Administration

by Brian Wingfield.             Over the next 12 months, the Obama administration is due to issue regulations governing everything from e-cigarettes to smoke-stack emissions in what experts predict will be a second-term rush to put rules in place before leaving office. “In every administration, these things have to be wrapped up in at least  ... MORE

Michael Barone: The Audacity Of Frack

In praise of creative destruction.          Capitalism, said economist Joseph Schumpeter seven decades ago, is a process of creative destruction. New inventions, new processes, new methods of organization lead to the creation of new profitable and efficient businesses and to the destruction of old ones unable to         ... MORE

U.S. Is Overtaking Russia As Largest Oil-And-Gas Producer

by Russell Gold and Daniel Gilbert.       The U.S. is overtaking Russia as the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas, a startling shift that is reshaping markets and eroding the clout of traditional energy-rich nations. U.S. energy output has been surging in recent years, a comeback fueled by shale-rock formations of oil and natural gas   ...  MORE

Tom Leonard: New Gold Rush Proves Anti-Frackers Wrong

The best economic news in decades.     As he takes me on a tour of his buzzing little town, mayor Brent Sanford points out the acres of development that have already happened — the giant grocery store, the smart restaurant, the school extension and the endless housing developments. And he tells me what’s still to come — a smart    ... MORE

U.S. Shale Bonanza Poses Danger To Saudi Oil Interests

by Alaj Makan and Abeer Allam.     Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the billionaire Saudi Arabian investor, has warned that his country’s oil-dependent economy is increasingly vulnerable to competition from the US shale revolution, setting him at odds with his country’s oil ministry and Opec officials. In an open letter addressed to Ali Naimi,   ... MORE

Deroy Murdock: Fracking - Clean And Green

Contrary to rumors, it’s environmentally friendly.   The only thing deeper than a natural-gas well is the ignorance of the anti-fracking crowd. Fracking — formally called hydraulic fracturing — involves briefly pumping water, sand, and chemicals into shale formations far below Earth’s surface and the aquifers that irrigate crops and quench  ... MORE