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Ed Feulner: Why Gasoline Prices Are Down

And how we can keep them that way.       If you’re like most Americans, you haven’t been questioning the welcome drop in gasoline prices. You just fill ‘er up and feel grateful that you’re spending less. Why has this remarkable drop come about? And what can we do to help keep prices lower? Some of it, unfortunately, is beyond our control.   ... MORE

Katie Kieffer: Why Farmers Need Keystone XL

It’s harvest time!    But oil shipments out of the Bakken are causing dangerous and costly rail delays for farmers. The oil boom in the Northern Plains is a boon to the U.S. economy, creating thousands of jobs and increasing our supply of American energy. With nearly 3 million Americans out of work, the Bakken is like a pool of cool water in an arid    ... MORE

Science And Reason Vs. Political Correctness

by Victor Davis Hanson.    President Obama entered office promising to restore the sanctity of science. Instead, a fresh war against science, statistics and reason is being waged on behalf of politically correct politics. After the Sandy Hook tragedy, the president attempted to convert national outrage into new gun-control legislation.    ... MORE

Blow Off Pampered Greenies, Build Keystone XL

by Katie Kieffer.  Recycling is fine. Conservation is fine. But sometimes greenies cross the line. They expect you and me to go jobless and hungry so they can save a porcupine. President Obama has been pampering his radical greenie friends for far too long. Even the Presidents’ State Department has thrice declared Keystone XL to be      ... MORE

Robert Zurbin: Imposing Misery By Environmental Devotion

Green anti-humanism.      On February 11, 2013, the Denver Post ran a guest commentary of great clinical interest. In the piece in question, Colorado State University philosophy professor Philip Cafaro advanced the argument that immigration needs to be sharply cut, because otherwise people from Third World nations will come to the United States and  ... MORE

3 Reasons To Build The Keystone XL Pipeline

by Meredith Bragg & Nick Gillespie.      Few energy projects have inspired the level of vitriol surrounding the Keystone XL Pipeline, that would run 1,700 miles from Alberta, Canada through the United States to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. The oil sands of Alberta are estimated to hold 170 million 170 billon barrels of petroleum, the largest reservoir of black ... MORE

Ronald Bailey: Obama Losing The Keystone Pipeline Battle

Between an environmentalist rock and a labor hard place. The Keystone XL pipeline is roiling U.S. electoral politics again. TransCanada refiled its application for a permit to build the pipeline with the State Department last week. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has vowed, “I will build that pipeline if I have to do it    ... MORE

Charles Krauthammer: Seaweed In Your Gas Tank

An energy policy based on fantasy, not reality.   Yes, of course, presidents have no direct control over gas prices. But the American people know something about this president and his disdain for oil. The “fuel of the past,” he contemptuously calls it. To the American worker who doesn’t commute by government motorcade and is getting fleeced every ... MORE

Steve Forbes: Chuck Schumer, Know-Nothing Senator

The wind behind an absurd approach to oil policy.  Chuck Schumer (Democrat–New York), the headline-loving U.S. senator who hasn’t disguised his ambition to succeed Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader, garnered some press attention the other day by calling on Saudi Arabia to boost its oil production in order to help suppress a politically   ... MORE

Sandra Fabry: EPA Is Flexing Its Job-Killing Muscle

Where environmentalism isn't a 'spectator sport.'    Lisa Jackson’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is at it again. Already having been called out on flawed science for its ground water studies in Wyoming in the fight over the practice of hydraulic fracturing, the agency is now clashing with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which charges the EPA with ... MORE

Gary Jason: Like The Price Of Gas? Just Wait!

Obama's post-November plans for our energy sector. The worthy journalists of the mainstream media have not seen fit to raise urgent questions about the soaring price of gas, and the current administration's role in causing it. Contrast that with the intensely critical commentary directed at George W. Bush when gas spiked during the latter part of his tenure ... MORE

Joseph Svetlic: Gasoline Prices And Dollar Prices

The real price of gasoline is going down.    It's not that gasoline is more expensive; it's just that your dollars are worth less. But neither the media nor the political establishment wants you to realize the real reason Americans are experiencing pain at the pump. Surging gasoline prices are back in the news, and President Obama shows his concern for Americans   ... MORE

David Harsanyi: Obama Gets His Way With Oil Prices

Aren't high gas prices what Democrats want?     Gas prices are spiking. That's great news, right? We have to wean ourselves off the stuff. At least that's what we've been hearing for years. Oil is dirty. We import it from nations that hate our guts (like Canada!). And moreover, we're running out. Oil is "finite." Finite much in the way water is finite. So why aren't ... MORE

Rick Moran: Gas Hikes Will Plague Anti-Drilling President

Obama becomes vulnerable on energy issue. Nothing will focus the attention of voters on Obama's failed energy policies like the current rise in gas prices. The White House can spin it alll they want, but thwen voters start really feeling the pinch from high fuel costs, they are going to start asking questions. Fox News: Nationally, gas prices are $3.53 a gallon, up    ... MORE

Ted Nugent: The Great Keystone XL Pipeline Massacre

A dead giveaway of Obama's left-wing agenda. President Obama’s decision to put a bullet in the back of the head of the Keystone XL pipeline is all the proof you need to know that his modus operandi is to sidle up to environmental green-energy crackpots instead of creating thousands of American jobs and honestly pursuing energy independence for   ... MORE

John Hayward: Buffett Cleans Up After Keystone XL

The Sage of Obama is one lucky guy.  When President Obama, who is normally a great proponent of “infrastructure” projects, made his bizarre decision to block the Keystone XL pipeline project, I wondered if he might have been induced to create those thousands of American jobs if the oil could be moved by his beloved high-speed rail. As it turns out, oil ... MORE