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Scott Sumner: Milton Friedman Saw The Euro Crisis Coming

He predicted Europe's current problems 17 years ago.  Among the general public, Milton Friedman is mostly remembered for the libertarian views outlined on his PBS show Free to Choose.   Among economists, he is best known for his monetarist position on Fed policy. What's less well known is that he was also a soothsayer,         ... MORE

The Federal Reserve: Promises vs Track Record

by Thomas Sowell.  Now that the federal government is playing an ever larger role in the economy, a look at Washington’s track record seems to be long overdue. The release of the Federal Reserve Board’s transcripts of its deliberations back in 2007 shows that their economic prophecies were way off. How much faith should we put in their prophecies   ... MORE

Tyler Durden: Alan Greenspan Is Warning Of A Significant Market Event; Predicts Gold To Go Measurably Higher

"Something big is going to happen."      With the Federal Reserve printing trillions upon trillions of dollars to keep the economic system afloat, many investors and financial pundits have surmised that the fundamental economic problems facing the United States during the crash of 2008 have been resolved. Stocks are, after all, at historic      ... MORE

Liberty And Wealth Require Strong Money

by Daniel Oliver Jr.      Conservatives hold that wealth and liberty correlate. This proposition was self-evident in the context of the Cold War and remains true today. It is the reason China cannot surpass the West in terms of wealth creation (contrary to the hysterics emanating from The Economist): a repressive country that continues to      ... MORE

John Stossel: Bitcoin Revolution

Why Stossel chose to invest.               The big online retailer now accepts payment in Bitcoin. That's good news for lovers of liberty because Bitcoins give us an alternative to government-controlled money. Bitcoins are a currency created by anonymous, private tech nerds, not by government. Governments don't like            ... MORE

Bruce Walker: The Federal Reserve's Century Of Failure

Why no centennial celebration?       December 23, 2013 marks the centennial of a disastrous transformation of the American Republic.  On December 23, 1913, the Federal Reserve System was created. Woodrow Wilson believed that central planning could make America better.  His informal deputy, Colonel House (who was not really a colonel    ... MORE

Monty Pelerin: Hyperinflation Is A Political Choice

Markets will stop what politicians will not.        The situation with the Federal Reserve (and other central banks around the world) is not very different than what prevailed in the early 1920s and ended in Germany’s horrendous hyperinflation. The notions that “this time is different” or “it can’t happen here” are naive. It is happening    ... MORE

John Stossel: End The Fed

Why should government be allowed to counterfeit?        I've always avoided reporting on the Federal Reserve. I know it's more important than much of the stuff I cover, but it's so boring. How can I succeed on TV reporting on the Fed? Fed chairs even work at being dull. Alan Greenspan said he tried to be obscure because he didn't       ... MORE

Rand Paul Says He Will Block Yellen Unless Fed Is Audited

by Oliver Darcy.      Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Tuesday that he will move to block Dr. Janet Yellen’s nomination as the next Federal Reserve Chair unless the Senate votes on his legislation which allows the Fed to be audited “I am writing to convey my objection to floor consideration of the nomination of Dr.     ... MORE

Joseph Lawler: The Money Printers To Work Overtime

Federal Reserve to keep adding stimulus.     Three more Federal Reserve officials reaffirmed Friday that the central bank does not want to take away monetary stimulus too soon, counter to the impressions left by Chairman Ben Bernanke’s press conference last week. The Fed “is not only leaving the punch bowl in place, we’re continuing to spike the ... MORE

VIDEO: Why The Price Of Everything Is Going Up

The more money put into circulation, the more there is to bid up prices.