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Richard Berman: Manufacturing A Food Scare

Marketing to the uninformed.   The wisdom of crowds is a concept that has remarkable predictability. Often, the dispersed knowledge of millions of people making informed decisions is more reliable than the informed bias of policy activists. When it comes to the latest food scare, antibiotics and resistant bacteria, polling shows the public   ... MORE

John Stossel: Green Lies

Propaganda piece "Blackfish" is full of lies.      Millions go to SeaWorld to learn more about sea life and get closer to killer whales. But fewer go now because the documentary "Blackfish" exposed what one reporter called "the darker side" of SeaWorld. The movie, which CNN bought and ran over and over, tells how greedy businessmen take  ... MORE

Montana Man Saves Baby Moose, Calls Park Service For Help; Only To See Agents Come And Kill The Little Fella

by Michael E Miller.    For Josh Hohm, Memorial Day began with all of the magic of a Disney movie, featuring a new animal friend and an unexpected adventure. Thanks to some Montana park rangers, however, it ended up a snuff film. Hohm decided to spend the holiday at the West Boulder Campground in the Gallatin National Forest — near    ... MORE

15 Government Agents Storm Animal Shelter To Kill Bambi

Your tax dollars at work.     Government agents swarmed an animal shelter and killed a baby deer named Giggles as Wisconsin law forbids keeping wildlife without the right permit. WISN 12 News reported on a military-style operation in July where nine officers from the Department of Natural Resources and four deputy sheriffs stormed the barn    ... MORE

A. Barton Hinkle: Time To Train Officers Not To Kill Dogs

A cop shot a dog the other day. Again.      Maybe you’ve seen the video -- it was all over the Internet, complete with the dog's grisly death spasms. Hawthorne, Calif., resident Leon Rosby was using his cellphone to record a standoff between police officers and armed robbers. At the end of the standoff, officers headed Rosby’s way. He put his dog,   ... MORE