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Mark Cuban Says Tech Bubble Is ‘Far Worse’ Than In 2000

Launching "into the giddy phase.  "What a week for Mark Cuban. Fresh off being tapped for the role of the president alongside Ann Coulter in the upcoming blockbuster “Sharknado 3,” the brash billionaire’s bearish forecast has landed him a spot in MarketWatch’s call of the day. “If we thought it was stupid to invest in public Internet websites that   ... MORE

Quin Hillyer: Kill The Corporate Tax To Help Workers

To increase wages and shrink the tax loopholes.        It was a former top Democratic staffer on the House Budget Committee, not some Kemp-Laffer supply-sider, who first convinced me that one of the most dynamic and worthwhile tax reforms, and one of the least costly (to the federal government’s revenues), would be the complete         ... MORE

Walter Galvin: Suppressing Our Economic Power

Should America have the highest corporate tax rate?  Sweden may be best known among Americans as home of the Nobel Prize and IKEA but astute politicians would be wise to take a closer look at what this Scandinavian nation is doing economically. Last month, Sweden announced plans to lower its corporate tax rate to 22% from 26.3%.      ... MORE