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Red Light Cams Linked To Rear-End Collisions In Chicago

by Dan Kedmey.   New study casts doubts on the claims that cameras improve road safety. A new Chicago-focused study links red light cameras to a coinciding rise in rear-end collisions, casting doubts on claims that the mounted cameras improve safety at intersections. The study’s findings, published by the Chicago Tribune Friday, found that while   ... MORE

Cynthia M. Cale: Forensic DNA Evidence Is Not Infallible

Some new techniques have higher probability of error. Earlier this month, the Texas Forensic Science Commission raised concerns about the accuracy of the statistical interpretation of DNA evidence, and it is now checking whether convictions going back more than a decade are safe. Despite how it is often portrayed, in the media and in courts,    ... MORE

Harry 'The Victim' Reid Sues Manufacturer Of Elastic Band Because It Slipped Out Of His Hand And He Hurt Himself

Bad things are always someone else's fault.      Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has decided to sue the makers of the exercise band that he says caused an injury that left him blind in his right eye.  The top Democrat and his wife Landra Gould are suing the companies that produce TheraBand for $50,000, according to a legal complaint, dug up   ... MORE

Free Coffee To Cops Policy Burns Starbucks

No good deed goes unpunished.   A Raleigh police officer who was given a free cup of coffee by Starbucks is now suing the company after he spilled it and got burned. In the lawsuit, Matthew Kohr, a lieutenant with RPD, said the lid popped off the cup of coffee he ordered at the Starbucks on Peace Street in January 2012 and the cup collapsed.      ... MORE

Allen Smith: Rhode Island Proves Legalizing Prostitution Will Decrease Rape And Sexually-Transmitted Diseases

It happened by accident.       For a brief period of history, Rhode Island was the only state where prostitution was legal in every county. Now, a new report shows legalized prostitution led to a decrease in rapes and sexually transmitted diseases within the state, the Washington Post reports. The report, published by the National Bureau of      ... MORE

California Cell Phone Ban Fails To Reduce Accidents

But it does raise revenue for politicians to spend.     Six years ago, California began enforcing a ban on the use of cell phones behind the wheel. In the latest edition of the journal Transportation Research, a study found that issuing tens of thousands of $170 tickets each year for this new offense failed to yield measurable safety benefits.    ... MORE