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Prostitution Decriminalization Debated In New Hampshire

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown.    New Hampshire legislators last week debated the merits of decriminalizing prostitution, in response to a bipartisan bill filed by state Reps. Amanda Bouldin (D-Hillsborough), Carole McGuire (R-Merrimack), and Elizabeth Edwards (D-Hillsborough). On Thursday, January 28, the New Hampshire Criminal Justice and   ... MORE

The War On Sex Trafficking Is The New War On Drugs

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown.    "Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door." "Sex-trafficking sweep nets arrests near Phoenix truck stops." "Man becomes 1st jailed under new human trafficking law." Conduct a Google news search for the word trafficking in 2015 and you'll find pages of stories about the commercial sex trade, in which hundreds of    ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Outlawing Prostitution Is A Crime

Laws put sex workers in unnecessary danger.   Banning things you don't like has a long history, though not a happy one. Americans have tried banning alcohol, marijuana, pornography and homosexuality. All of them persisted anyway. So we learned to not only tolerate but allow them. Nowadays, you can have a glass of Scotch in a gay bar while    ... MORE

Prostitution Stings Now Suspended In Minneapolis Because The Cops Keep Having Sex With Their Arrest Targets

None of the officers will be investigated.  The Minneapolis PD has suspended all sting operations against street prostitution after courts dismissed three cases within one month due to undercover officers having sex with female suspects. Police said they are conducting a full review of their undercover investigation policies, but said none of the     ... MORE

G Bentley: Paper Explodes Feminist Myth That Women Are As Horny As Men And Calls For Legalization Of Prostitution

It is what it is.   Men’s demand for sex far outstrips that of women and the gap is set to widen with major implications for laws surrounding prostitution, according to a new paper from the Institute of Economic Affairs. One of the key claims in the IEA paper is that there is a major gap between men and women in sexual desire. “Male sexual      ... MORE

Celebs Protest Call To Decriminalize Prostitution

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown.  After a long and careful consideration of the evidence, global human-rights org Amnesty International has come to the conclusion that decriminalizing prostitution is the best way to "respect, protect, and fulfill the human rights of sex workers." But actress Anne Hathaway played a French whore in Les Mis, so she has feels   ... MORE

Zach Weissmueller: You Have a Right to Buy and Sell Sex. Now, Will the Courts Protect It By Legalizing Prostitution?

See video.  "Our hope in the lawsuit is to have the anti-prostitution law overturned as unconstitutional and invalidated in the state of California," says Maxine Doogan, a former sex worker and president of the Erotic Service Provider Legal, Education, and Research Project (ESPLER), a group that has filed a lawsuit against California's attorney general   ... MORE

A Lawsuit Pushes To Make Prostitution Legal In California

by Chris Sieroty.     When it comes to legal prostitution, Nevada has welcomed brothels in certain counties and in exchange has taxed the industry and demanded strict medical testing for prostitutes to protect both the sex workers and their clients. Even an attempt by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to have lawmakers in Carson City   ... MORE

Drugs And Prostitutes Help Bring Italy Out Of Recession

by Shane Ferro.   Italy is no longer in a recession, thanks to its black market. Because the European Union changed the way it calculates GDP to include illegal revenue from things like underground alcohol sales, drugs, and prostitution, Italy found out Wednesday that its 0.1% GDP decline in the first quarter of 2014 was actually flat— or 0.0%    ... MORE

Cathy Reisenwitz: Why It's Time To Legalize Prostitution

There’s no good reason not to. A prostitute has a 45 percent to 75 percent chance of experiencing workplace violence at some point, according to recent research indicates, and a 32 percent to 55 percent likelihood that she or he was victimized the past year. Worker safety, along with concerns about exploitation and objectification,    ... MORE

One Benefit Of Legalized Prostitution Seen In New Zealand

by Tim Worstall.     One of the great social public policy questions of our day is what is it that we should be doing about prostitution? Answers vary around the world: there are places where it is strictly verboeten and heavy punishments are meted out. There are also places like New Zealand and Germany where the entire system is legal and out in the  ... MORE

Reihan Salam: It’s Time for Legalized Prostitution

There’s no way to end demand for sex work.        So why are Sweden and Canada trying? Whom is it safe to hate? One of the reasons the cause of same-sex civil marriage has gained so much ground in recent years is that it is no longer socially acceptable to hold gay couples in contempt. Many if not most opponents of same-sex marriage    ... MORE

Allen Smith: Rhode Island Proves Legalizing Prostitution Will Decrease Rape And Sexually-Transmitted Diseases

It happened by accident.       For a brief period of history, Rhode Island was the only state where prostitution was legal in every county. Now, a new report shows legalized prostitution led to a decrease in rapes and sexually transmitted diseases within the state, the Washington Post reports. The report, published by the National Bureau of      ... MORE

VIDEO: 10 Dumbest Quotes About Video Games

The option-destoyers are relentless. Actual quotations from high-profile idiots!

Thaddeus Russell: Sex Slaves And The Surveillance State

Why 'human trafficking' is a dangerous term.     Her name, like that of nearly all the victims, is unknown. Not older than a teenager, she has large, downturned eyes, long and wavy hair, and pale skin. She wears a demure white dress, suggesting that the life she lived before she found herself in this dungeon was one of innocence. She stares     ... MORE

Jolie Lee: No More Prostitution Exemption For Police

Free pass with hookers snatched from Hawaii cops.     Hawaii legislators in both the House and Senate agree that it's time to end an exemption that allows police officers to legally have sex with prostitutes. A bill cracking down on prostitution originally would have gotten rid of the exemption but then, last month, restored the exemption    ... MORE

Prostitution Precrime? Government Presumes Intentions

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown.     A woman waiting on a street corner. A woman in a tight dress. A woman who speaks to someone walking by, waves to a passing car, looks at you too long. Are there clear, unambiguous meanings to these things? Of course not—they could be the actions of someone selling sex, or of someone waiting for a     ... MORE