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Son Of Draconian Drug Warrior Fails Drug Test

by Jesse Walker.    Vice President Joe Biden has been one of the most strident drug warriors of my lifetime. Mandatory minimum sentences, the crack/powder disparity, federal asset forfeiture, the RAVE Act—they all have Biden's fingerprints on them. The man may be responsible for the very phrase "drug czar." If the Drug War had its own Mount      ... MORE

VIDEO: Could U.S. Citizens Pass A Citizenship Test?

A video more about the dumbing down of America than the citizenship test.

Biden Recruited To Hand Out Free Joints

by Radley Balko.    The Denver Westword reports that a pro-pot group fighting a new proposal to impose a 30 percent tax on the drug -- which is now legal under Colorado law -- wants Joe Biden's help. Earlier this month, a group opposed to Proposition AA, the measure to establish tax rates on recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, staged a rally at Civic   ... MORE

Aaron Blake: Biden Pitches Napolitano For Supreme Court

And he doesn't mean Andrew!   Vice President Biden pitched Janet Napolitano on Friday as a future Supreme Court Justice. "My staff, when I said I was going to say it,they said, 'No, don't make news,' " Biden said at a ceremony marking the end of Napolitano's tenure as Homeland Security Secretary. Biden then said: "I think Janet should be on the      ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Random Thoughts On The Passing Scene

Laser beams of wisdom.   Edmund Burke said, "There is no safety for honest men, but by believing all possible evil of evil men." Evil men do not always snarl. Some smile charmingly. Those are the most dangerous. If you don't think the mainstream media slants the news, keep track of how often they tell you that the Arctic ice pack is shrinking and how   ... MORE