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Thomas Sowell: America's Birthday

What are we celebrating?      Birthdays are supposed to be times for celebration and gift-giving. But America's upcoming birthday on the Fourth of July is a time when the gift most needed is an urgent warning about the dangers of losing the things that have made this country America — and have long made "America" a ringing word of    ... MORE

68,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens Caught And Released

by Stephen Dinan.      Immigration agents tried to deport only about a fourth of the cases they encountered in 2013, said a report being released Monday from the Center for Immigration Studies that shows just how much President Obama’s policies have cut down on potential enforcement. Jessica Vaughan, the report’s author, called it a    ... MORE

Timothy P. Carney: Crony Capitalism Vs. Market Morality

Life insurance and the death tax.      Scenario 1: It's 2005. While Republicans are fighting to permanently repeal the estate tax (or "death tax," in their phrasing), a nonprofit called the Coalition for America's Priorities spearheads the counterattack, deriding the proposed repeal as the Leave No Heiress Behind Act. One television spot, run by a  ... MORE

Steve Huntley: Liberals Take Aim At Free Speech

The Constitution is under attack from the very people who claim to be fierce advocates of civil rights — liberals. Their goal is to restrict the very first amendment the Founders attached to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights — the one saying Congress “shall make no law” limiting freedom of press, speech and religion, and the rights of association and to petition ... MORE

Paul Stanley: Pelosi, Democrats Seek To Limit Free Speech

An assault on the First Amendment.   House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other congressional Democrats are throwing their support behind an effort to overturn a Supreme Court ruling despite warnings by critics that the effort would severely limit free speech. In 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, ruled in the case Citizens United ... MORE

Jack Hunter: ObamaCare And The Imaginary Constitution

Lawmakers see Constitution as irrelevant. Sensing that there’s a good chance the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — commonly known as “Obamacare” — will be overturned by the Supreme Court, President Obama said recently: “I’d just remind conservative commentators that for years what we’ve heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism ... MORE

VIDEO: Pelosi's Double Standard on the Minimum Wage

Socratic interviewer Jan Helfeld exposes the irrationality of a liberal icon.