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Obama's Feckless Defense Of Human Rights In Cuba

by Nat Hentoff & Nick Hentoff.   On January 8, the Associated Press reported that President Barack Obama “may travel to Cuba as early as this spring if he feels the rights situation here is improving and a presidential trip will help.” The Castro dictatorship’s response was immediate and severe. According to Elizardo Sanchez, the president of the      ... MORE

IBDaily Editorial: Obama's False Equivalency

1776 wasn’t anything like Castro’s 1959 Putsch. In one of his last acts in Havana, President Obama threw out a false equivalency between the American Revolution and Cuba’s 1959 communist takeover. What are we to make of a U.S. president who embraces such hoary Marxist equivalencies? In his Tuesday address to the Cuban people,   ... MORE

These 10 Photos Will Make You Rethink Your Trip To Cuba

by Wally Nowinski.   First off, the food stinks. I recently got back from a 10-day trip to Cuba. And during those days I gained some insight into what thousands of Americans are going to find when they leave their luxury hotels and lavish supermarkets and spend significant amounts of money to travel to an island hobbled by embargo and food   ... MORE

The Worst U.S. Government: Here And Now

by Barry Farber.    “Your computer gypped me out of $80 this week,” the worker complained to the boss. “I’ll look into it,” the boss promised. A day later the boss said to the worker, “You’re right. Our computer did cheat you out of $80 this week. But that same computer gave you $80 too much the week before last. Isn’t that true?” “Yes,” admitted    ... MORE

John Stossel: Ignorance

No wonder Cuba wallows in poverty.    Last week, the New York Times reported that the Castro brothers opened a special business zone where foreign companies "would be given greater control over setting wages at factories. ... (P)roposals would be approved or rejected within 60 days." What? If I want to give someone a raise, I have to wait up ... MORE

Cuban Communism: Its Days Are Numbered

by Barry Farber.  It was already doomed. Over 99 percent of 3-year-olds believe the glass screen on a television set is to keep the people from falling out. And that’s smarter than what their parents are saying to each other and hearing from the media about Cuba, Obama the Castro brothers and this over-hyped, totally misunderstood, non-    ... MORE

Yes, Of Course We Should Lift The Cuban Embargo

by Scott Lincicome.  President Obama’s announcement last week that his administration will seek to normalize relations with Cuba elicited strong opposition from many freedom-loving conservatives. Several aspects of the deal—the prisoner swaps, the president’s unilateralism and rhetoric, the timing, and so on—probably warrant scrutiny and,   ... MORE

Rand Paul Knocks Out Marco Rubio Like Ali Over Foreman

by Bruce Fein.   Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, has delivered a knock out punch against Sen. Marco Rubio to normalization of relations with Cuba to benefit the United States. The punch was as decisive as Muhammad Ali’s knock out of George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle 40 years ago. Mr. Rubio’s presidential ambitions are    ... MORE

Humberto Fontova: Caveat On Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela's commitment to liberty.     A Martian visiting earth this week, coasting TV channels and perusing papers, would have to conclude that among the items that most interest this planet’s news bureaus is the plight of former political prisoners, especially black ones. Well, many Cubans (many of them black) suffered longer and    ... MORE