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Pot Will Pump $44 Billion A Year Into Economy By 2020

by Jonah Bennett.  A profitable growth industry.  Marijuana in the U.S. will become a $44 billion a year industry by 2020, according to a Monday report by Marijuana Business Daily. Currently, the cannabis industry in the U.S. is projected to be anywhere between $14-$17 billion in 2016. If existing economic and legal trends continue at the current rates, ... MORE

These 10 Photos Will Make You Rethink Your Trip To Cuba

by Wally Nowinski.   First off, the food stinks. I recently got back from a 10-day trip to Cuba. And during those days I gained some insight into what thousands of Americans are going to find when they leave their luxury hotels and lavish supermarkets and spend significant amounts of money to travel to an island hobbled by embargo and food   ... MORE

Jacob Sullum: Corny Crony Capitalism In Iowa

Only 2 candidates won't pander to ethanol lobby.    The "report card" from America's Renewable Future, a biofuel industry group, is not complicated. If you are a presidential candidate participating in Monday's Iowa caucuses and you support "the commonsense, bipartisan Renewable Fuel Standard," you get a "good rating," symbolized by a fuel    ... MORE

Daren Bakst and Katie Tubb: Lawmakers Need To Kill EPA’s And Army Corps’ Water Rule: Property Rights Are At Stake

Regulators gone wild.     Congress appears to be stepping up to the plate to kill the Environmental Protection Agency’s and Army Corps of Engineers’ water rule (known as the “waters of the United States” or WOTUS rule). Lawmakers just need to bring it home by sending legislation to the president. In doing so, Congress will be protecting       ... MORE

Baylen Linnekin: Right-to-Farm Debate Heats Up

All you need to know about right-to-farm laws. If I asked you to think of an agricultural-law issue that’s been making news in states across the country recently, you’d probably throw up your hands in the air. Maybe you’d shrug and suggest something to do with genetically modified food (GMO) labeling. And if I told you, as I am, that the answer to   ... MORE

Henry L. Miller: The Dirty Truth About "Organic"

In denial of reality.       Passionate advocates of organic farming and foods resemble members of a religious cult, one founded on a “back to Nature” mentality. They are not so fundamentalist, however, that they do not make concessions to reality. For example, organic standards arbitrarily define which pesticides are acceptable, but allow “deviations”   ... MORE

Damon Root: 5 Supreme Court Cases To Watch In June

High Court to rule on Obamacare, gay marriage and more. The Supreme Court's 2014-2015 term will soon reach its finale. By the end of June, when the justices depart for their summer break, the Court is expected to issue a series of blockbuster decisions, including rulings on gay marriage, death penalty drugs, and Obamacare. Here are five   ... MORE

Elise Cooper: How Not To Handle A Water Crisis

A crisis created by government regulations.  Californians have a love affair with water. It’s used for pools, irrigation, green grasses, and washing cars. Yet, because of the drought the grass is turning brown, cars are staying dirty, and pools might be a thing of the past. American Thinker interviewed people who have some knowledge about this crisis.   ... MORE

40 Percent Of Americans On Food Stamps Are Obese

by Chuck Ross.  A new study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) finds that Americans receiving food stamps are more likely to be overweight and obese than those who do not receive assistance. The USDA analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) for the years between 2007 and 2010 and found that   ... MORE

Walter E Williams: California's Water Problems

A water policy that leaves the public thirsty.    Californians are experiencing their third year of drought. Headlines read: "Current California Drought Is Driest In State's History; Scientists Fear 'Megadroughts' On Their Way." "Global Warming Upped Heat Driving California's Drought." Then there are scientific claims such as, "There's a rapidly   ... MORE

Californians Can Now Be Fined For Long Showers!

by Leslie Eastman.     Jerry Brown sells out to agricultural interests. I reported that California Governor Jerry Brown unveiled the state’s first water restrictions in response to the “mega-drought”. As I foresaw, the rules have turned out to be more about revenue generation than resource protection. What I did not predict is that my teen son and his    ... MORE

Feds Make First Step Towards Hemp Legalization

Industrial hemp to be treated as commodity not drug.    The United States federal government may not be ready to sanction marijuana use, but a new agriculture bill is set to legalize preliminary stages of hemp production in states that allow the practice. A new farm bill, passed by Congress on Tuesday, would allow universities and state    ... MORE

Baylen Linnekin: This Farm Bill Stinks

A lousy new Farm Bill is about to become law.     CattlePublic DomainLike a phoenix made of pork, the Farm Bill has risen from the ashes. And for opponents of farm subsidies and wasteful government spending, that’s bad news. The measure, which had languished for two years in Congress, passed in the House this week. The Senate is   ... MORE