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The Underbelly Of The California Drought

by Victor Davis Hanson.     People should be represented as well as salmon. Even the high mountain lakes and reservoirs are about empty – and equally void of vacationers who have few places to boat, fish, and ski, and are unsure where the next forest fire will break out and force evacuations on often one-lane winding mountain roads. Four years of       ... MORE

Matt Stevens: The Unintended Consequences Of Conserving Water: More Leaky Pipes, Less Revenue, Lots Of Bad Odors

A corrosive policy in more ways than one.  Under orders to slash water use amid a historic drought, cities and towns across the state saved about 75 billion gallons in July, eclipsing Gov. Jerry Brown's once-daunting order for a 25% reduction. But, in a paradox of conservation, water agencies say the unprecedented savings — 31% in July over July  ... MORE

John Stossel: Market Magic

If people need it, the market does it.     People have long lists of things they think the market can't possibly do — from building subways to fighting wars. Sometimes, the market does them anyway. War, for example. Even conservatives, who often praise markets, assume that only government can fight terrorists. Tell that to Matthew VanDyke.  ... MORE

Mimi Walters: A Fix To California's Man-Made Drought

Politicians can start prioritizing the people.     This year marks California’s fourth consecutive year of drought. To break it down, nearly 99 percent of California is in “moderate drought,” 71 percent is in “extreme drought,” and approximately 47 percent is in “exceptional drought” – the most severe category. In California alone, over   ... MORE

Walter E Williams: California's Water Problems

A water policy that leaves the public thirsty.    Californians are experiencing their third year of drought. Headlines read: "Current California Drought Is Driest In State's History; Scientists Fear 'Megadroughts' On Their Way." "Global Warming Upped Heat Driving California's Drought." Then there are scientific claims such as, "There's a rapidly   ... MORE