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Jan 15, 2019

The Democratic Party’s voters are becoming far more militaristic and pro-war than Republicans

fromTheIntercept: Trump's announcement that he intends to withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria largely provoked bipartisan outrage among Washington’s reflexively pro-war establishment.
Defense Versus The War Machine      Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

Ominous new ‘fact checker’ approves MSM lies to start wars while attacking alternative media

fromFreeThoughtProject: "This fact checking service is being sold to the public under the name “NewsGuard” but the only thing it appears to be guarding is the establishment."
Media Bias on Parade

Walter E Williams: Politics of immigration

fromCreators: Does everyone in the world have a right to live in the U.S.?
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

Supreme Court to consider whether police can order blood draws from unconscious drivers

fromReason: Warrantless "implied consent" laws are under review over Fourth Amendment concerns.
Police State America

4 reasons requiring background checks for all gun sales is a bad idea

fromReason: The policy is very popular and a top priority for House Democrats, but it would hurt innocent people without doing much to improve public safety.
2nd Amendment Assaults

Trade war’s wounded: Companies improvise to dodge cost hikes

fromSacramentoBee: The higher costs resulting from Trump's tariffs have yet to inflict much overall damage to a still-robust American economy, which is less reliant on international trade than most other countries are.

Thomas Sowell: The Left and the Masses

The greatest moral claim of the political left is that they are for the masses in general and the poor in particular. 

That is also their greatest fraud. It even fools many leftists themselves. 
... MORE

David Harsanyi: Obama's Legacy Is Executive Abuse

Governing without Congress.     Over the winter break, I finally got around to binge-watching Parks and Recreation. In case you missed the show's seven-year run, it's about a fascistic small-town councilwoman who believes it's a politician's job to impose her notions of morality, safety and decency on everyone, no matter what voters want or what      ... MORE

War On Guns: Obama Executive Order May Require Those Selling Even A Single Firearm To Become Licensed Dealers

by Stephen Gutowski.    Harassing law abiding citizens is always his answer. The Obama administration announced during a conference call with reporters Monday evening that the president’s upcoming executive order may require somebody selling even a single firearm to obtain a Federal Firearms License. During the call White House Press     ... MORE

Gun Sales Peak As Obama Demands New Gun Restrictions

by Christopher Ingraham.      New federal data shows 2015 was a record-smashing year for the American firearms industry, with gun sales appearing to hit the highest level on record. Background checks for gun purchases and permits jumped 10 percent last year to 23.1 million, the largest number since the federal background check system       ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Showman-In-Chief

The king of blather takes the stage again.   Those who have been marveling at Donald Trump's political showmanship were given a reminder of who is the top showman of them all, when President Barack Obama went on television to make a pitch for his unilateral actions to restrict gun sales and make a more general case for tighter gun control laws.  ... MORE

Obama Executive Actions To Push Anti-Gun Agenda

by Juliet Eilperin.        President Obama will press ahead with a set of executive actions on guns next week despite growing concerns in the United States over terrorism that have dampened some Americans’ enthusiasm for tighter firearms restrictions. The president will meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch to finalize a      ... MORE

Why 'Universal Background Checks' Are A Bad Idea

by Jacob Sullum.         Ineffective, unjust, and unenforceable. Senate Democrats plan to ingratiate themselves with voters by introducing a new package of gun controls. In a letter to fellow Democrats, Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) said they hope gun control advocacy "will be a rallying point for a public that is      ... MORE

Democrats Move Gun Confiscation Underground

by Katie Kieffer.  Fear of sunlight and guns is leading Democrats to turn nocturnal. Bats, mice, skunks and other nocturnal creatures are most active between sunset and sunrise. Nocturnal creatures do not “choose” to avoid sunlight anymore than fish “choose” to avoid dry land; it is instinctual, healthy and normal for nocturnal creatures to work   ... MORE

Elliot Rodger And Gun Control's False Promise

by Jacob Sullum.     The day after his 20-year-old son, Christopher, was shot down at a deli in Isla Vista, California, Richard Martinez blamed his death on "craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA." Gun control advocates quickly seized upon Martinez's remarks, using his grief to obscure the illogic of their position. None of the items on the    ... MORE

Sheriff Orders Background Checks On Those Speaking Out

by Ramona Giwargis.     Targets those critical of his department.  A handful of Merced County residents voiced outrage Tuesday over a decision by Sheriff Tom Cavallero to examine the backgrounds of three private citizens after they spoke out repeatedly at recent Board of Supervisors meetings. In a memo obtained by the Merced Sun     ... MORE

Why Gun Owners Oppose Universal Background Checks

Building the gun owner database.     Gun control groups (including the Obama White House) have been pushing hard for new laws and restrictions on firearms. One of their biggest dreams is to have what is known as a “universal background check” (UBC). The gun control groups see this as a panacea to stop violence. They believe that if they   ... MORE

Jacob Sullum: Go To Heaven, Bloomberg

Meddling ex-mayor thinks he's on a mission from God.     If Michael Bloomberg is going to heaven, as he recently assured The New York Times, does that mean I am going to hell? The former New York mayor and I do not agree about much, especially when it comes to his two biggest passions: gun control and "public health," both of which   ... MORE

Michelle Malkin: Government Is A Threat To Public Safety

Forget gun control.     America needs government control. Have you noticed the common thread among several mass killings and homeland security incidents lately? Time and again, it's the control freaks in Washington who have fallen down on their jobs, allowing crazies, creeps and criminals to roam free and wreak havoc while ignoring     ... MORE

California's Senate Passes Ammunition Purchase Permit Bill

by Charles C. W. Cooke.     As I write, California’s state legislature is attempting to regain for the state the lost title of Most Anti-Gun Place in the Union. The senate has just passed a provision that would require residents to get hold of a ”Purchase Permit” before buying ammunition. Per CBS: A controversial gun measure proposed by a Southern   ... MORE

Not Wanting To Hire A Criminal Now Makes You A Racist

by Emily Miller.    Not wanting to employ a criminal makes you a racist. At least that is what the Obama administration has determined to be law with a regulation made without congressional approval. Businesses are fighting the charge that not wanting ex-cons on the payroll is illegal discrimination. On June 11, the Equal Employment Opportunity   ... MORE

Katie Kieffer: Get The Facts And Save Lives With Guns

Educate instead of indoctrinate.   Teach gun safety in classrooms and leave sex education to parents. Plan B won’t save young people from incurable STDs, but guns will protect women and children from being raped or murdered. The more young people know about guns, the safer our society will be. Rush Limbaugh said on his talk radio   ... MORE

John C. Goodman: Guns, Bombs And Government

More hollow rhetoric from the ruling class.   If you ever doubted the inability of the federal government to protect you from harm, events of the past few weeks should have been a clincher. While Congress was dithering about a background-check-for-gun-buyers bill, President Obama was out on the hustings — in full campaign mode — trying to gin up ... MORE