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September 13, 2018

California government tries new tactic to impose gun control: ammunition control

fromNYTimes: Sold from vending machines in Pennsylvania, feed depots in Nevada, pharmacies in Georgia and jewelry stores in Texas, ammunition is in many states easier to buy than cold medicine. But in California ...
2nd Amendment Assaults

The proposition that is on the ballot in November that could destroy California

fromEconomicPolicyJournal: Politicians seek to make the rent control measures that have destroyed housing in San Francisco throughout the state.
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market

Likely 15M illegal aliens in U.S., giving blue states 20 additional Congressional seats

fromBreitbart: Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) says the counting of illegal aliens when dividing up congressional seats and electoral college votes is a violation of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Politics and Other Official Acts of Corruption

America moves closer to being a cashless society

fromMarketWatch: Cash if freedom. A cashless society is one in which government can track every transaction the citizen makes. Liberty lovers should boycott all cashless establishments.
Individual Liberty: America's First Principle

Things you may want to buy now before Trump's tariffs kick in

fromEconomicPolicyJournal: Items primarily supplied by China and are on the 25% tariff list.
Economic Policy: Statism Versus The Free Market

The real reason that 30 is the new 20

fromTheDailyBell: Teens used to get 7 years of apprenticeship and be experienced skilled workers by age 20. They were ready to support a family. They had practiced responsible behavior.
Political Correctness and Other Nitwittery

Stephen Moore: Does EPA Need Guns, Ammo And Armor?

Government's environmental SWAT teams.  The Environmental Protection Agency spent millions of dollars over the last decade on guns, ammo, body armor, camouflage equipment, unmanned aircraft, amphibious assault ships, radar and night-vision gear and other military-style weaponry and surveillance activities, according to a new   ... MORE

John W. Whitehead: Freedom Or The Slaughterhouse?

The American Police State from A to Z.    For those whose minds have been short-circuited into believing the candy-coated propaganda peddled by the politicians, here is an A-to-Z, back-to-the-basics primer of what life in the United States of America is really all about.  A is for the AMERICAN POLICE STATE. As I point out in my book   ... MORE

John W. Whitehead: Turning America Into A Battlefield

A blueprint for locking down the nation.     Americans now find themselves struggling to retain some semblance of freedom in the face of police and law enforcement agencies that look and act like the military and have just as little regard for the Fourth Amendment, laws such as the NDAA that allow the military to arrest and indefinitely detain ... MORE

Katie Pavlich: More Than 50 Senators Condemn The ATF Proposal To Ban Use Of AR-15 "Green Tip" Ammunition

ATF shoots self in foot.      Late Monday afternoon, 52 Republican Senators sent a letter to ATF Director B. Todd Jones condemning the agency's latest proposal to ban commonly used AR-15 "green tip" ammunition and slammed the justification being used to do so, saying the legal framework under the Law Enforcement Officers Protection   ... MORE

Andrew Napolitano: A Lone Wolf President

Can the president rewrite federal laws?      Can he alter their meaning? Can he change their effect? These are legitimate questions in an era in which we have an unpopular progressive Democratic president who has boasted that he can govern without Congress by using his phone and his pen, and a mostly newly elected largely conservative Republican ... MORE

Obama Not Done With Unilateral Moves On Gun Control

by Michael F. Haverluck.   Unloading his latest round of gun-control legislation, President Barack Obama's executive fiat is poised to stop Americans from buying and selling a traditional form of ammunition that has been one of the country's favorites for generations — the .223-caliber "green-tipped" bullet. It's commonly used in an array of rifles   ... MORE

Are Guns About To Become Off-limits In California?

by Pete D'Amato. Lefty politicians plot to neuter the 2nd Amendment. California's requirement of 'microstamping' technology means that no guns manufactured after 2013 have been sold in the state, known as having some of the strictest gun control laws.  Now gun-rights groups are hoping that a federal judge will overturn the provision that gun    ... MORE

Federal Fly Swatters: Pit Bulls vs. Poodles

by Edward Cline.          Why have the feds bought 1.5 billion rounds of ammo? And outfitted local law enforcement agencies with warfighting gear? Is it to combat Islamic terrorism? Or you? It may come as a surprise to many, but the Library of Congress has its own SWAT team, 85 bodies strong. Learning this elicited a chuckle from me and a          ... MORE

Dems Seek Huge Taxes On Citizens' Right To Self-Defense

by Perry Chiaramonte.           A pair of Democratic lawmakers are proposing steep new taxes on handguns and ammunition, and tying the revenues to programs aimed at preventing gun violence. Called the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act," the bill sponsored by William Pascrell, D-N.J., and Danny Davis, D-Ill., would nearly  ... MORE

Bob Barr: The U.N. Comes After America's Guns

A gun control treaty to destroy the 2nd Amendment.      The true scope of the anti-firearm crusade of the United Nations, which began more than a dozen years ago, finally is coming into clear focus, as the White House readies to sign the Arms Trade Treaty adopted with U.S. support this past April by the U.N. General Assembly. The reach  ... MORE

California's Senate Passes Ammunition Purchase Permit Bill

by Charles C. W. Cooke.     As I write, California’s state legislature is attempting to regain for the state the lost title of Most Anti-Gun Place in the Union. The senate has just passed a provision that would require residents to get hold of a ”Purchase Permit” before buying ammunition. Per CBS: A controversial gun measure proposed by a Southern   ... MORE

Emily Miller: Using Taxes To Threaten 2nd Amendment

Making self-protection unaffordable.      Liberals are trying every tool at their disposal this year to go after guns. They have failed on Capitol Hill to restrict the Second Amendment, so they are moving through the states to enact their agenda. The latest maneuver is to hike the tax on guns and ammunition to dissuade the law-abiding     ... MORE

GAO Now Investigating DHS Ammo Purchases

Why over a billion rounds?  The Government Accountability Office tells Whispers it is now investigating large ammunition purchases made by the Department of Homeland Security. Chuck Young, a spokesman for GAO, says the investigation of the purchases is "just getting underway." The congressional investigative agency is jumping into the fray  ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Fact-Free Crusades

Cracking down on law-abiding citizens.    Amid all the heated, emotional advocacy of gun control, have you ever heard even one person present convincing hard evidence that tighter gun control laws have in fact reduced murders? Think about all the states, communities within states, as well as foreign countries, that have either tight gun control laws  ... MORE

Charles C. W. Cooke: A Tax On Freedom

High taxes on guns and ammo punish the law-abiding.    ‘I’m not asking to take away people’s guns,” Maryland legislator Jon Cardin nervously told Politico this week. “I’m just saying that for an activity that is relatively dangerous, obviously, people who participate in that activity should pay the full costs of that activity.” America, witness a        ... MORE