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VA Blocks Injured Vets From Access To Medical Weed

by Lori Denman-Underhill.      War veterans of Los Angeles wait patiently to be given the freedom to toke up. A VA policy known as VISN-22 was modernized to let veterans use medical marijuana as well as opioids while getting care, a blessing to vets who suffer pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger issues and suicidal tendencies. The policy change  ... MORE

Government Looks to Save Money by Cutting Military Pay

by Onan Coca.  In a speech on Wednesday off the coast of San Diego, outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned troops that the U.S. can’t afford its military personnel anymore.Troops are already bracing for the results of a report on Feb. 1, which will most likely not be friendly to military pay. The report is by the Military Compensation and    ... MORE

Robert Klein Engler: A Worthless Sacrifice

The unfortunate education of James Foley.  The recent death of reporter James Foley at the hands of ISIS and the past death of American ambassador Chris Stevens have an interesting similarity. Both men were known to be liberals, and some would even say they were educated in a radical liberal tradition. Writing in USA Today, David McKay      ... MORE

John W. Whitehead: A War on America’s Military Veterans

Waged with SWAT teams, surveillance and neglect.       Just in time for Memorial Day, we’re once again being treated to a generous serving of praise and grandstanding by politicians and corporations eager to go on record as being supportive of our veterans. Patriotic platitudes aside, however, America has done a deplorable job of caring      ... MORE

Steve Chapman: Our Wasted Effort In Afghanistan

What the world's only superpower cannot fix.     The United States government and the Taliban don't agree on much, but they have found one point of convergence: Both think someone needs to get a hose and put out the flames engulfing Hamid Karzai's pants. The Afghan president has often criticized the Americans for carrying out     ... MORE