Pot Legalization Will Be On The Ballot This Year In Alaska

by Jonathan Kaminsky, Reuters. A measure that could make Alaska the third U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana use after Colorado and Washington has enough valid signatures to be put before voters in August, state officials said on Tuesday. If voted into law, the Alaska initiative would allow adults aged 21 and older to possess up to an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana and grow up to six pot plants, and would pave the way for creation of a system to tax and regulate pot sales. ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: Republicans To The Rescue?

Maybe national Republicans should stand for something. Some supporters of President Obama may be worried about how he and the Democrats are going to fare politically, as the problems of ObamaCare continue to escalate, and it looks like the Republicans have a chance to win a majority in the Senate. But Democrats may not need to   ... MORE

Is There Anything More American Than Bob Dylan Doing a Patriotic Super Bowl Ad for a Foreign-Owned Carmaker?

by Nick Gillespie.      Absolutely not. And that's kind of wonderful. Bob Dylan's controversial Super Bowl ad for Chrysler opens with the Maestro himself asking, “Is there anything more American than America?” It’s the sort of koan-like, WTF riddle that defines his most memorable music. Dylan is the master of the rhetorical question, whether       ... MORE

VIDEO: Walter E Williams - Welfare State Beneficiaries

Thousands Stuck In Obamacare Appeals Limbo

by Peter Suderman.     System not yet built. You may have heard that HealthCare.gov, which powers the federally run health insurance exchange for 36 states, is, after its disastrous rollout last year, all fixed up and working basically fine. Obamacare is on track. But that’s not true, it seems, for anyone who wants to file an appeal regarding       ... MORE

Walter E Williams: Schoolteacher Cheating

Another way no child is left behind.        Philadelphia's public school system has joined several other big-city school systems, such as those in Atlanta, Detroit and Washington, D.C., in widespread teacher-led cheating on standardized academic achievement tests. So far, the city has fired three school principals, and The Wall Street Journal     ... MORE

VIDEO: Social Security Vs. Private Retirement

NYC Mayor To Close City Schools For Muslim Holidays

Political correctness run amok.     New York Mayor Bill De Blasio will close city schools for two Muslim holidays and the Lunar New Year. The New York Daily News reported: New York City is moving to close school for two Muslim holidays and the Lunar New Year — but Mayor de Blasio isn’t so sure about the Hindu festival Diwali. But he said he’d move     ...  MORE

The Electric Chair Could Return In Louisiana

by Michelle Millhollon.     Twenty-three years after the state retired Gruesome Gertie and switched to lethal injection for executions, the electric chair could make a comeback in Louisiana. States are scrambling for death penalty alternatives because of a clampdown on the availability of deadly drugs for executions. Old-time tools that were      ... MORE

The Chilling Effect Of EPA's Wood-Burning Stove Ban

by Larry Bell.      Where's global warming when we need it? It seems that even wood isn’t green or renewable enough anymore.  The EPA has recently banned the production and sale of 80 percent of America’s current wood-burning stoves, the oldest heating method known to mankind and mainstay of rural homes and many of our        ... MORE

Medical Marijuana Users Must Give Up Gun Rights In Illinois

by Christina Sarich.       The perils of politically incorrect medicine. Illinois is allowing patients with over 41 medical conditions, including cancer and AIDS to legally smoke pot, but a new plan proposed by state officials Tuesday will require them to give up their Second Amendment rights – the right to own a gun. They will also be           ... MORE

ViDEO: John Stossel - An Inconsistent Truth

Edward Cline: Payback For Dinesh D'Souza

Censorship by example.      In the proud tradition of Stalin. Dinesh D’Souza, the prominent conservative writer, has been arrested and indicted on trumped-up Federal Election Law charges. Why? Just as Leona Helmsley was charged and tried for tax evasion, and Wall Street maverick Michael Milken was charged and indicted for “racketeering,”      ... MORE

Heritage Foundation: Facts About The Minimum Wage

It reduces opportunities to gain experience.        Studies find raising the minimum wage does not reduce poverty. It is a completely ineffective anti-poverty policy. The primary value of minimum-wage jobs is that they are learning jobs. They teach inexperienced employees basic employment skills that make them more productive and enable    ... MORE

VIDEO: 3 Absurd Reasons For Banning Drugs