Gary Jason: A State Of Total Insanity

Bankrupt the people, save the public employees.  Two recent stories out of California that what is already the most stupidly governed state is slipping into outright insanity. ... MORE

VIDEO: TSA Assault On Liberty

We should have heeded Ben Franklin.

Bob Barr: The War on Gibson Guitars

Owners of vintage guitars beware  Are you a guitar owner? More important, do you own a guitar made by Gibson, one of the most well-known American guitar manufacturers? If so, listen up; you may be in Uncle Sam’s cross hairs – as a criminal. Just ask Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitars. Last week, heavily armed federal agents raided two guitar ... MORE

Jacob G. Hornberger: Doubling Down in the Drug War

For some, the drug war has worked out well. Why can’t the U.S. government ever learn lessons from any of its failed programs? The biggest lesson it fails to learn is the importance of ending programs that are obvious failures, especially ones that are inherently incapable of succeeding. Instead, in its usually bullheaded, headstrong fashion, the government maintains the program ... MORE

Obummer! More Touted Green Jobs Bite The Dust

Another half billion tax dollars down the tubes. Solyndra, the Northern California solar panel manufacturer, has filed for bankruptcy and will cease business operation. The firm received $535 million from the Obama administration's Energy Department as part of the big stimulus push during the first year of the Obama interregnum. See LAT, "Solar panel firm ...    MORE

VIDEO: Understanding The Scope Of America's Debt

Economic malfeasance of American politicians dwarf Bernie Madoff.

Where Have All The Millionaires Gone?

by Barbara Hollingsworth. Newsalert has posted a chart from a Wall Street Journal blog titled “Recession and the Rich.” The chart, based on 2009 IRS figures, shows that the number of taxpayers reporting annual income over $1 million fell 39 percent between 2007 and 2009; the number of super-wealthy individuals making over $10 million annually plunged 55 percent.  ... MORE

Sylvia Bokor: Glorious Achievement of the Tea Party

More liberty means less government. Tea Party Republicans. It is a tag to be embraced. It is a clear distinction that separates us from politics-as-usual Republicans and Democrats. It was the first two years of protest. Others had taken the initiative to start a Tea Party. We joined them and supported their efforts with our time, our work, our ideas and dollars. We helped to ... MORE

Thomas Sowell: An Unusual Economy?

Higher labor costs equal higher unemployment. Many in the media are saying how unusual it is for our economy to be so sluggish for so long, after we have officially emerged from a recession. In a sense, they are right. But, in another sense, they are profoundly wrong. The American economy usually rebounds a lot faster than it is doing today. After a recession passes,     ... MORE

VIDEO: John Stossel - Defending The Undefendable

Price gouging, ticket scalping, child labor, organ selling, insider trading and more.

Jeffrey Toobin: Can Clarence Thomas Kill Obamacare?

Thomas's intellect and influence now recognized. It has been, in certain respects, a difficult year for Clarence Thomas. In January, he was compelled to amend several years of the financial-disclosure forms that Supreme Court Justices must file each year. The document requires the Justices to disclose the source of all income earned by their spouses, and  ... MORE

Cloudy Outlook For Global Warming Faithful

New data shed light on sun's climate role. It’s not surprising that prominent members of the “me” generation who think the universe revolves around themselves also believe they hold sway over Earth’s climate. New science is dispelling their delusion and confirming that Mother Nature still is in control of the environment. It turns out the sun’s cosmic rays play a commanding ... MORE

Gene Healy: "Mission Accomplished" in Libya?

The Obama Doctrine is nothing to celebrate. Mission accomplished! As Libyan rebels took Tripoli last week, liberals practically draped that banner across the nation's op-ed pages. Now was the time for all good men to come together and praise a famous victory. In Newsweek, liberal columnist Michael Tomasky pronounced Libya "completely the right thing to do," ... MORE

VIDEO: Government Assault On Private Property

The power of the state pitted against vulnerable property owners.

California Politicians Now Take Aim At Hot Food

New anti-job measure would ban foam containers. Restaurant owner Gary Honeycutt says a push in California's state Legislature to ban the plastic foam containers he uses to serve up takeout meals could cost him thousands of dollars in an industry where profit margins already are razor thin. BJ's Kountry Kitchen, in the heart of California's farm country ... MORE

Kim Murphy: $75 Billion A Year On Homeland Security

Has all the homeland security spending paid off? On the edge of the Nebraska sand hills is Lake McConaughy, a 22-mile-long reservoir that in summer becomes a magnet for Winnebagos, fishermen and kite sailors. But officials here in Keith County, population 8,370, imagined this scene: an Al Qaeda sleeper cell hitching explosives onto a ski boat and plowing into the dam at the head ... MORE

Anthony Gregory: More Liberty Up In Smoke

 Tobacco and the limits to utilitarianism. Tobacco companies are suing the U.S. government over a policy forcing them to put ghastly images on their product to dissuade consumers from smoking. Along with warning labels, which have long been mandated, would come graphics depicting diseased lungs, corpses, rotting teeth, even tracheotomy holes. The businesses claim this is an ... MORE

VIDEO: Robert P Murphy - What Is Capitalism?

Steve Chapman: Injustice, In Plain Slight

The trouble with eyewitness testimony. In 1989, a Waukegan, Ill., woman was raped after three men invaded her apartment. She told police the rapist had a tattoo, wore an earring in a pierced ear, and spoke English. Two days later, the cops took her to an office and said, "Watch the one sitting on the chair." Alejandro Dominguez, age 16, had no tattoos or pierced ...  MORE

Jack Kerwick: Why Ron Paul Is Ignored By GOP

Neoconservatives fear classical conservatives. It is hard not to be amazed by the blackout of media coverage of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Had Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, or any second-tier candidate been performing as remotely as well as Paul has, he would no longer be regarded as a “second-tier” candidate. To the credit of such    ... MORE